Development of the Conquest of the Gods Range

Just a small update to get things rolling following today’s formal announcement that the site is live!  We now have two talented Australian authors working on the fiction and background with John, this will populate the games rulebook along with Miniatures rules and naturally.. The games core foundational rules. We will be announcing more about the Authors and the interesting direction we are taking the fiction pretty soon!

If you’re a talented writer (ideally published) and are interested in doing some short story work, be sure to touch base with us!

We have also been busy developing several key production partnerships and once these are more firmly locked via contract in we will be looking to launch both the web store and possibly a crowd funding campaign. Needless to say there will be some exciting announcements to come over the coming months.

Finally we have also brought on several more talented 3d and traditional sculpt artists! We are looking forwards to showcasing their talent and work in future posts, I have also been discussing the option of having some of the artists interviewed so that people can get a sneak peek into how our amazing products are being developed.

Exciting times are ahead and we look forward to sharing them with you all soon!

Demigod Games.