Greek fiction preview.

This week we are featuring fiction from the very talented Tracie McBride. Tracie is the principal author of the the Conquest of the Gods main narrative in addition to the Greek short story titled ‘A feast for the crows’.

Tracie is from new Zealand, and lives with her husband and three children in the city of Melbourne here in Australia. Like all of our other authors, Tracie comes from a Horror writing background. We have found that by using writers that are more accustomed to writing for an adult audience, the fiction is far more grittier and befitting the setting than what most wargamers are accustomed to. As we are aiming for an adult audience we do not need to tip toe around the gritty elements of war that our authors have done so well to inject into the games tone and design through the fiction.

As with all of the short stories, they do not focus on the gods themselves but rather the mortals that are fighting the battles at the bidding of the gods.



Stay tuned to see more excerpts of Tracies’ work from the Conquest of the Gods core rule book as we look to feature at least one except from the main narrative as we count down towards the launch of our kickstarter.  I would also encourage you to check out Tracie’s blog and her other work via

Greek Minotaur

In our first large model preview we snuck in a picture of the Minotaur miniature for our Greek range. Admittedly what we showed you then was not the final model, despite at the time – the model not only being finalised but it had also been 3D printed and was ready for moulding.

The minotaur will be one of the Monsters featured in the starter army boxed sets, each of the starter box sets for each army will include one 70mm scale resin and metal miniature.  We have shown off the Oni in detail and despite them both being finished and sitting with our casters for moulding, we have failed to show off the Norse Troll or the Minotaur.  Today we will show you a more detailed look at the minotaur and  will also give you a better idea of the scale. We will also take the opportunity to show you what our 3D prints look like from one of the three technologies we use for 3D printing.  The quality of the sculpt and print are astounding and we are very proud to (finally) show this model off to you!

Sculpted by Michael Barnes, the Minotaur’s design follows our ‘what if it were real’ philosophy  that we take on when designing the mythological models. Originally the minotaur was going to be a more classical ‘man sized’ sculpt, but we knew very early on that this wouldn’t work  because it simply did not look intimidating at the smaller scale when paired up against the other models we were designing at the same time. The design evolved into the model being more in line with the Norse Troll at a 70mm scale. To do this we made him more bull like, referencing both animal and human anatomy to bring you this amazing sculpt.

Mikes 3D model went through a few revisions until we got it perfect, the final 3D model is the one pictured below.


We designed this model as we have done with all of our other models, to be printed in its final cast parts. This saves time during the moulding process and prevents any major loss of detail. We then printed this model via high resolution DLP (digital light projection) printing, a technology primarily used in the medical industry for 3D prototyping bones, teeth and so on. One of the benefits of this particular type of print is that the finish on the model is amazing, however there is also of support material to clean off and touching up to be done before moulding. (please note that whilst the rocks on the base will come with the model, the base as a whole part will differ slightly)

3D Print

Here are some cleaned up parts next to Thor and a Hersir model for scale reference. The Hersir is exaggerated 28mm scale with true anatomy. As you can see, a 70mm scale miniature is pretty big!


The metal parts of the Minotaur have already gone through the test casting stage and are ready for final vulcanised moulding. For this model the metal parts will cover the tail, horns and the rocks for the base – We are also considering doing the head in metal. The Resin parts are just waiting to be moulded up for resin casting.  We are confident that people will really like this model once we launch the Conquest of the Gods kickstarter and as such we have included him in to the Greek starter set.


Stay tuned as we roll forwards with some more model previews as well as some more fiction previews in the coming weeks, including another 70mm scale sculpt by Michael Barnes, next time we show off

Japanese Daimyo

We had a very positive response to our Samurai preview post so we thought we would reward the enthusiasm with another preview, this time it is the Japanese Daimyo.

This is another fantastic sculpt by talented Australian artist David Sparrow who has done several models for the Japanese part of our range. This is one of the models that will feature in the Japanese starter set.




From here on in we will be keeping the previews to models either in the starter sets, general production announcements such as what we are doing regarding model bases, accessories and so on as well as book content including more fiction previews and a rules preview that will go up just before we launch the Kickstarter. We have plenty of start set content to bring you including another three god models, more command and infantry models as well as one or two mythical creature previews.


Thanks for sharing our journey and if you can, share the news of our project!