June 2015 Update

Thanks to a hard drive failure this update has been somewhat delayed. The good news is that i recovered everything and have set up a new, more reliable back up system, and my update is finally here!


One of the (several) major holdups to releasing the miniatures range has been recently overcome, that being progress on the resin casts for Horus, Hachimans base and the Egyptian Uraeus. Resin casts of the greatest of 50’s whip are also here!  These were some of the more complex resin parts to cast, and now that this hurdle is over, I can focus on sorting out the final pieces of the puzzle to get the game and miniatures released.

The images below are quick photos of my play testing models, these are by no means the ‘studio’ models that will get painted up, but are the ones that will suffer the abuse of play testing.

Greatest of 50 with flex resin whip

Go50 Go502


Horus Horus2


Ureaus Ureaus flame


As previously mentioned, the flames for the Ureaus have been cast separately in a transparent red resin. This has pushed the price of that particular model up slightly, so I am still trying to work out of the flames will be included with the snake as a standard part, and if people will actually put the flames on the model. You may also notice that he has no fangs, I was not happy with these and have resized them and will be re-prototyping them and casting them up with my next batch of metal models.


Egyptian starter set group shot





In casting the Japanese Oni we found that casting one arm in metal was not the right way to go, so we have just exported a new arm with the weapon in hand to 3d print, I also encountered a small issue with his hair that I am in the process of fixing and will provide some info on in my next update, with some luck, I’ll have pictures of the Japanese starter set to share.



Hem Netjer on base


Adam Weller, an up and coming 3D artist here in Australia has been working on the Egyptian Hem Netjer unit. There were some fun challenges is taking my concept and turning it into a functional model – the idea is that the mummy being summed out of a levitating dish, the blood spilling over the edges are holding up the dish and mummy, giving a 3d area under the model.

Adam has recently established his own 3D business here in Australia, he has a particular passion for sculpting busts, you can check out Adams work over at his website http://www.creativejoosis.com


Our talented artists have been producing more illustrations for the book, here is one from Forrest Imel, the art for the Housecarls previewed last time.



Id things continue to go to plan, then we are still on track for release this year, noting I need some more capital to move more of the casting in house. When I do finally release the game, ill have the infrastructure in place to produce more content for this and several other planned games.

Thanks again for your support!



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