2021 Update

The site is still up, and yes, I am still here! So, what’s being going on and where are things heeded with Demigod games?

We were at a point where Conquest of the Gods was written and the models were sculpted (well one needs an arm exported so It can be printed) with only the points values needing ironing out from a gameplay perspective and a manufacturing run to be done on all the models, with an initial run done on some of the models by a resin caster. That caster has become difficult to contact and in the intervening years has caused a shift in manufacturing for the better. The book needs to be printed but again, some of the manufacturing has changed in that regard.

Why the delay? It’s simple – I went through a messy divorce, and then a series of serious health issues that mean I had to focus on me and my kids. As that moves to be behind me, I can divert my attention back to the game.

Where to now? The manufacturing changes that have taken place in the last few years have helped catch up with my original vision for the game. I will look to publish the book with a print on demand service or to do a very small print run with a quality print service – as many are now taking on smaller print jobs. For the miniatures, additive manufacturing has had a massive shift in cost and quality that may remove the need for resin and metal casters entirely. The original models were all prototyped on a $30,000 3d printer but now could be done inhouse on a machine costing a fraction of that, in fact I could now 3d print them inhouse and sell the prints as product – that’s how far it has shifted in a few years. Going down this path means digitising some of the hand sculpted models so I will look into that in the coming months and I also want to re-sculpt one of the core models that I’m not happy with.

Most or all of the miniatures will be available later this year in some form and with some luck, so will the book.