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Pre-launch update

It has been a busy few weeks in the lead up to the Kickstarter launch. Not everything has gone as smoothly as planned, but we are ready for the launch! The video content is about to be uploaded to Kickstarter and some time tomorrow, it will go live. Mat, our painter injured his arm in […]

Japanese art preview

Welcome to another pre-launch update for Conquest of the Gods. After some model previews its time for a final peek at the artwork. Today’s update features some artwork by Anikó Hollósi  and George Evangelista as well as another piece from Daniel Mitchell. Like the other art styles, the Japanese art helps them stand out in the […]

Kickstarter stretch goals preview

Hi everyone and welcome to another Conquest of the Gods preview! Today i am going to give you all a small taste of what i hope to be unlocking during theKickstarter campaign. I have designed the campaign to include a number of stretch goals, each stretch goal will essentially fund things like printing the hard […]

Greek starter set preview

With only a week until the Kickstarter launches, things are heating up here at Demigod Games. The Kickstarter video is being edited by my talented mate Tim, who enjoyed several laughs as we tried to film the video with the limited resources at hand, i will do a development blog post on this for those […]

Egyptian command model preview

Damien Lam, one of our talented Australian 3D artists has been busy working away on the last of the Egyptian command models to feature in the launch range for Conquest of the Gods. The mighty Pharaoh and the greatest of 50 are the two key human command models Egyptian players may want to field as […]

Egyptian art preview

Today’s update continues to preview content for our upcoming Conquest of the Gods tabletop game. This update will cover the Egyptian artwork for the Conquest of the Gods core rule book as well as provide a small development update.   The Conquest of the Gods core rule book is looking fantastic, as the written content […]

Conquest of the Gods Resin Miniatures + Greek preview

Those of you who follow our Facebook and Twitter may have noticed that this last week we showed a box of resin miniatures that arrived. All of our mid-sized monsters that will feature in the starter sets will be resin/metal hybrid kits. The final production resins for both the Troll and the Minotaur showed up and […]