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Japanese fiction preview

Today we are featuring the last excerpt of the 4 short stories, this time around we are giving you a glimpse into the Japanese short story titled ‘Invaders’ Australian horror fiction author by Lee Pletzers. Lee currently resides in Japan with his wife, so it was an easy decision to bring him on board to […]

Greek fiction preview.

This week we are featuring fiction from the very talented Tracie McBride. Tracie is the principal author of the the Conquest of the Gods main narrative in addition to the Greek short story titled ‘A feast for the crows’. Tracie is from new Zealand, and lives with her husband and three children in the city […]

Greek Minotaur

In our first large model preview we snuck in a picture of the Minotaur miniature for our Greek range. Admittedly what we showed you then was not the final model, despite at the time – the model not only being finalised but it had also been 3D printed and was ready for moulding. The minotaur […]

Japanese Daimyo

We had a very positive response to our Samurai preview post so we thought we would reward the enthusiasm with another preview, this time it is the Japanese Daimyo. This is another fantastic sculpt by talented Australian artist David Sparrow who has done several models for the Japanese part of our range. This is one […]

Japanese Samurai

To close out 2013 we thought one final preview was in order, this is one that we have received a few requests for given that some were keen to know what they could be fielding along side the Oni sculpt.. so we present the Samurai unit. We could not release a Japanese army without giving […]

Egyptian fiction preview.

Having posted a preview of the Norse fiction by Raymond Gates, it seems only fair that we move forwards with another preview. As we start to work on book layout, editing the main body of fiction and making a few final adjustments to the core rules mechanics we have started to tie up some of […]

Oni preview

Today we preview the 70mm scale mythical model that will be included with the Japanese starter set, the Oni. Sculpted by Oliver Cook this 70mm scale metal and resin kit is our rendition of the renowned Japanese Yōkai. Oliver Cook is a Sydney based 3D character/creature artist  who has worked across TV, Film and Games. […]

Norse fiction preview

Today we have something a little different for our preview post. Instead of doing a model preview we are going to give you a taste of what you will find within the epic tome that will be the Conquest of the Gods core rule book, specifically an excerpt of some fiction.  As previously announced, we have […]

Alpha Sphinx preview

Todays model preview features what will be the largest model in the Egyptian army in the initial releases found within the pages of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book. Sculpted by Australian artist Carly Glover, this multi-part resin metal kit has an intimidating wingspan just over  18cm, the height of the sphinx himself […]

Norse Vikings Preview.

This week we are previewing one of the core units for the game, the Norse viking unit. Sculpted by Elijah Akouri, these multi-part metal miniatures will be the foundation of most Norse armies.  They have been designed to have interchangeable arms, weapons and shields. Each arm has a degree of poseability and interchangeability so players should […]