Ares – Greek god of War

Today we preview the long awaited Greek god miniature: Ares. Ares is the final god miniature to be previewed for the Conquest of the Gods range and like the other three, will feature in his respective (Greek) starter set.

Sculpted by Sydney based artist Oliver Cook, this multi-part, multi-material miniature will be released inclusive of the scenic elements for his base (yes that includes the blood!) as part of the Greek starter set for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

The 31mm scale (heroic 28mm) Ares miniature is donned with an ornate Corinth helm and heavily decorated cuirass suited to a god of Olympus. As one of the symbols of Ares is the spear we have armed him with a mythical looking ornate spear at fits within the design fitting in with the broader aesthetic style of a Greek god in our setting. The 3D blood adds to the models presence and is reflective of the characters brutality in both the game and the fiction. It has been coloured red in the render to help sell the idea. Both the blood and his cape are separate parts that you may opt to leave off the model when you assemble it.





It has been a long journey to bring this preview to you, as there are a number of challenges in the design and concept that we needed to overcome. To bring this model to life we are needing to use two different 3D printing technologies as well as two different casting partners.  The wait for this one has been well worth it and we will be showing off final production casts of this model before we launch the Kickstarter.



As Ares is one of the lesser known Greek Olympic gods,  son of Zeus and Hera he represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war and has played a relatively limited role in Greek mythology as represented in literary narratives. He was primarily worshipped by soldiers and the Spartans, and is considered by many historians to have been a niche god who was only worshipped when the need necessitated it. This is not the case in Conquest of the Gods, he is a central charter in the core rule book fiction.

The preview of Ares marks an important milestone in the lead up to our launch. Production prototyping and moulding is well under way for all of the other previewed models (and quite a few we have not yet shown). A broader project update will be forthcoming with more details as to where we are up to and what you can expect from the crowd funding campaign. Once the production casts of this and several other key models are in hand, the game play video will be filmed, and again this will coincide with our Kickstarter. Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting news and developments on the Conquest of the Gods table top wargame.

Conquest of the Gods Giant miniatures – Advanced preview

We recently reached a fun milestone, 200 likes on Facebook. Whilst this may not seem like many when compared to other larger companies, for the team at Demigod Games it’s an encouraging sign that people are starting to take an interest in the project. We would like to thank our social media followers by doing a special, unplanned preview.   Today we are going to show off one of the more exciting parts of the project, some of the giant models for Conquest of the Gods. We had planned to keep this under wraps until the Kickstarter, but have opted to show off some of the ‘larger’ things we have in store for our backers early.   Some of you may recall, or have noticed the amazing Alpha Sphinx miniature that we have on the way by Australian artist Carly Glover:


The Alpha sphinx is one of a number of very large miniatures for each army , and is the largest Egyptian model planned for the first Conquest of the Gods book. The Alpha Sphinx’s preview pictures don’t really give a sense of scale, however we can tell you that the wingspan on this mighty beast is an impressive 18cm and it should dwarf most of the other miniatures on the tabletop, except for the other ‘giant’ models on the way for the other cultures.   The Norse will be able to field mighty Jötunn, frost giants of the Norse realm whos models are roughly the same physical size as  Cyclops (without the base). This one has also been sculpted by Carly Glover. The victims in his hands are to scale with the other human miniatures.



The above renders of the Jötunn are works in progress, so these are not final, but this gives you a good idea as to where the final model that will be be part of our Kickstarter campaign is headed.

As mentioned above. the Greeks will be receiving some Cyclops sculpts, and like the Alpha Sphinx, these are to scale to the other miniatures. The average Cyclops miniature stands 15cm to 16 cm tall. Here is one of our cyclops models that is ready for prototyping



The Japanese are also receiving a giant model, that will be in the same vein as the Norse and Greek offerings, a large humanoid standing around 15 to 16cm tall, however it is not ready to be shown off just yet, So in lieu of a Japanese preview, here is an artwork preview for the Cyclops by one of our talented illustrators; George Evangelista.


Cyclops Illustration



The challenge in bringing these models to you is immense, they are very large – and with that comes large prototyping, casting costs, and complexity in their design. However we are happy to report that some of these models are already through prototyping and are approaching the moulding stage! We will defiantly need capital from our upcoming kickstarter campaign to make all of these a reality. It also sets a strong benchmark for the first of our large models, with plans for some of the future expansion books to bring you even larger miniatures (though we may wait for a few expansion books before diving in too deep on that promise). We need to flag that these will be expansion goals for the kickstarter campaign, so they wont be available from the onset but we do hope to bring them to you if/when the campaign reaches its other funding goals.   We hope you all enjoy this exciting preview and we look forward to bring you more exciting news on Conquest of the Gods in the coming weeks.

Sneak Peek – Norse Berserkers

One of the elite unit choices for the Norse army in Conquest of the Gods are Norse Berserkers. Elijah Akouri has finished sculpting this fantastic unit and whilst we were planning to keep these hidden away with the other elite units for the Kickstarter, we couldn’t resist and have decided to give you a sneak peek of whats on the way.


Below are two of the five poses for the units miniatures. These models have some combustibility, such as removable capes and should look fantastic when painted up as a unit.




These models are currently in our production Que for 3D printing and the production models along with the other three poses will be part of our upcoming kickstarter campaign.

The other elite units for the other armies are also either finished or are in the process of being completed.  We may tease some of the other elite units closer to the launch of the campaign, so stay tuned!



We now have some higher resolution renderes of these models for you:



Hachiman – Japanese Shinto God of War

Hachiman is the Japanese Shinto god of war, tutelary god of warriors, and divine protector of Japan. One human, before he ascended into the respected ranks of the Shinto gods he was Ōjin, the 15th emperor of Japan. As a Shinto god (kami), Hachiman is immensely popular throughout Japan, about half of the registered Shintō shrines are thought to be dedicated to him. Two popular modern tourist attractions of such shrines incluse the Usa Shrine (Usa, Ōita) and the Iwashimizu Shrine (Yawata, Kyoto).

Sculpted by Australian artist David Sparrow, Hachiman is an exaggerated 28mm (31mm) scale, metal, multi-part miniature. Like the Thor- the Norse god miniature, Hachiman is based on a 40mm base, inclusive of scenic elements, in this case some unfortunate foes from the Greek and Norse range. The 3D model is currently in our priority prototyping que and will have had its production moulding completed before we launch our upcoming crowd funding campaign.






Bringing Hachiman to the tabletop brought with it several complex design challenges. Due to his popularity in Japan, it was important that the final model was both epic in its look and design but also respectful to the Japanese history and mythology around such an important Shinto kami. In our research there are two ways of portraying Hachiman as a Kami, the first is a more demonic look that we see fairly common in Japanese mythology, the other portrays him as a powerful samurai. As he is the tutelary god of warriors and an ancestor of the Minamoto samurai clan we opted for the samurai look. This look fit in better the range of miniatures whilst still yielding a pretty awesome miniature. This style is also a cleaner fit for the scenes he appears in in the games fiction. It was important to include key visual cues that link the miniature with the modern portrayals of Hachiman so we were sure to include the crest of Hachiman is in the design (a mitsudomoe) and took some design cues for his Armour from several of the Shinto shrine statutes of Hachiman.

Hachiman will feature in the Japanese starter set alongside the Oni and several other key Japanese miniatures. hachiman is the 3rd God miniature to be previewed for Conquest fo the Gods, following the Norse god Thor and Egyptian god Horus. The final god miniature for preview is Ares the greek God of War, we hope to be showing Ares off in the coming weeks.

Greek artwork preview

We are pleased to preview some more artwork, this time by talented Australian artist George Evangelista who is doing the art for the Greek section of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book.

George has joined our talented team with valuable experience from television, film and book publishing industries. His passion for mythology has come through in his work, with his realistic style taking our miniature design philosophy to the next level. As you can see when compared to the Norse artwork, the Greek artwork has a different style and look, this is intentional as each section of the book will have its own unique feel and flavour.

To sample some of geoprges work that will feature in the Gree section of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book we present:

The Greek Minotaur (miniature already previewed)

Minotaur-Final_Brightness Adjust with Logos

And the Greek Strategos.



This should give you all a taste of what the Greek artwork will look like, this is also the first taste of what the Greek infantry models look like. All of the greek infantry miniatures have been sculpted (including the strategos) and will be previewed soon.

We should have some more model and art previews on the way some time in the next few weeks. Previews have been a bit slower than we would like as our focus has shifted heavily on production moulding and prototyping for all of the models in the core starter sets (one for each army). We plan to have all of the core starter sets finished and production moulding for them completed before we ask people for money on Kickstarter.

In the meantime, please spread the word about the project! We are on most social media platforms (all linked from the top of our webpage). If you would like to see more examples of Georges work he is on social media, George’s website can be seen at:

Norse artwork preview

Over the past few weeks we have hear that people would like to see some of the games artwork so we will kick things off with a preview of some of the Norse Artwork by Forrest Imel.   We have already covered that each section of the Conquest of the Gods core rule has fiction penned by different fiction writers, we would like to announce that each section will also have its own style of artwork, done by a different artist. This gives each section of the book its own unique feel. Forrest Imel has been working on the illustrations for the Norse section of the book.

Forrest comes to the team with some fantastic industry experience and has a unique style that will set the Norse artwork out from that of the other sections of the book. If you would like to see other examples of Forrests work, check out his portfolio via or at his DeviantART over at For those budding artists who would also like to know more about his artistic approach and ask questions, Forrest runs a live stream called ‘Art with Forrest’ that can be viewed over at .   We have two examples of the Norse artwork for you today, both are of models we have already previewed and will feature in the starter sets for the Norse army.

The first is some artwork of our Norse Troll


Troll Watermarked

 The second image features some Norsemen being led by their Hersir.  


Hersir Watermarked


Next time we will feature work from the Greek section of the rulebook, this section of the book is being illustrated by talented Australian artist George Evangelista.   There is also two social media icon additions at the top of the page, we have added Pinterest and Instagram to our social media commitments for those of you who are more visual.

Horus Preview

The mighty falcon headed Egyptian god of war and hunting, Horus is also considered to be a sky god and was considered a national patron god for the ancient Egyptians, and seen as their protector. Horus quickly proved himself to be a powerful and respected figure within the Egyptian panthenon.  Horus is a cunning and powerful foe who towers over most other gods on the battlefield, his already massive height magnified by the swarm of scarabs that he stands atop as they move him about the battlefield.

Horus has been sculpted by talented Australian 3D artist Elijah Akouri. This 50mm multi-part  metal miniature will feature as part of the Egyptian starter set due for release with our Kickstarter campaign.





Horus is the 2nd god miniature previewed for the Conquest of the Gods range, along with the Norse god Thor.  We have two more gods to preview in the coming months as we draw nearer to the launch of the Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter campaign.


Fun fact:

Born to the goddess Isis, Horus has been considered by many to have been born from an immaculate conception given that he was conceived via the use of a gold phallus. To conceive Horus, Isis retrieved all the dismembered body parts of her murdered husband Osiris (except his penis which was lost to the Nile and eaten by a catfish),before using her magic powers to resurrect Osiris and fashion a gold phallus to conceive Horus.



We now have some High res renders of Horus that will look more like the final production model!

Horus_01 Horus_02 Horus_03 Horus_04 Horus_05

Final Conquest of the Gods fiction update!

Yes this fiction update is late, but with not for the reasons you may think. The core Conquest of the Gods fiction was completed by Tracie McBride early this year and with the countless hours of revision work and the complex discussions via telemeetings we undertook to nurture it through to completion it has evolved into a fantastic portrayal of what I envisioned when the project started several years ago. Since then a few things have happened;  my day job has been very busy, our 2 year old has been going through toilet training (anyone with kids can attest to how much time and patience this takes) and my wife and I learnt that we will be introducing a new little person in to the world later this year. All of this is wonderful and exciting news but has meant that ‘life’ has got in the way of a few things with the broader project as I continue to work on it in my ‘free’ time after work hours.


The other reason, and probably the main reason for this posts delay is that I wanted to get the fiction laid out in the Core rule book before posting this. Tracie and I knew that when we starting working on the fiction, I would be splitting it in half, and publishing the first half in the front of the book, and then the rest after the game and model rules sections of the book. This meant that I had to divide the story into two ‘acts’ as well as do my final draft of the core rules and final draft of the models ‘beta test’ rules, furthermore the other 4 short stories needed to be laid out in the book. Well I am just sitting shy of 230 pages and we have a draft book! I now feel ready to show off two excerpts from the core rules, one from Act I and one from Act II.




So what’s next for the book:

I need to finish the ‘filler’ items; these are small pieces of writing that accompany each unit section of the rule book. Anyone familiar with most of the popular wargame rulebooks/army books/codex’s will know what this is. Some of these are simple quotes, others are as long as a paragraph. Im about half way through these and once they are done then we can do a final edit of the book and prep everything for a closed ‘beta’ test (more news on this will be forthcoming as we approach crowd funding).

I have 3 other items on my to do list: Complete the books index, glossary and ‘printables’ (tokens, templates, army roster sheets and so on). The printables are under control and are pretty much done as I have already prototyped the physical versions of these. The index is a few eveings work as tweak where I want each index item to appear. Thankfully the software im suing will generate this for me, so it’s a matter of culling the instances of certain works I done want in the index. The glossary is a little more work but will be completed alongside a players cheat sheet, this is a double sided A4 abbreviation of all of the rules. These kind of cheat sheets were common  10 years ago but have started to disappear from games and that’s a shame as  I have found as I get older, the more I need one for reference during game play.  So from a writing end things are very close to the end, certainly the light is at the end of the tunnel on the book, and thankfully its not a freight train.


The other thing that needs doing before the book can be published is that more art work needs to be commissioned and we have a handful of very talented artists working on this as it can be afforded.  The other thing we need is capital to do the initial print run, and for that we need  people to support the kickstarter campaign.


So in sum, yes there is a fair bit to do but its all achievable and when compared to the work that has been done, these are all small (except for the artwork) menial tasks that I will chip away at over the next few weeks whilst the final draft of the Kickstarter campaign is being worked on.


Next time I’ll be providing an update on the models, an update on the art is also in the pipeline.

Egyptian Medjay – Nubian Infantry

Nubian Medjay infantry are conscripted troops that may be added to any Egyptian army. Traditionally most period examples of Nubians had bows, however due to the core Egyptian troops having plenty of access to ranged weapons we have oped to save the bow firing option for the Nubians for a later release.  These specalised troops are very affordable for Egyptian planers and add a great low cost hard hitting close combat infantry option for what is a primarily range attack army.


Sculpted by Australian 3D artist Stephen Davidson, our Nubian models are based on those from the tomb of Mesehti. Like us, Mesehti liked miniature soldiers, so much that he had a number of them buried with him in his tomb. The Nubians found within Mesehti’s toomb are somewhat static in pose, marching in straight lines. In a nod to the reference we have designed our Nubians to have a similar look and design. This means that all of the models in the unit will have the same core body, with three basic arm variants and a separate shield – these metal multi-part miniatures should give you an approximated version of what Mesehti had with him in his tomb. The shields and spears on the renders below are not final and will probably be re-scaled a little during printing.





When we get to doing expansion books for Conquest of the Gods we do intend to bring you other Nubian models. For our initial launch we thought that most Egyptian players would enjoy our little nod to what could have been one of the worlds earliest wargame model collectors.




Feb 2014 update!

We only have one fiction preview left before the launch of the kickstarter so we will try and show this off within a week’s time, that being a preview on the now finished core fiction! 

As a general update we are currently working on the other three god models for the starter sets as well as one of the 70mm scale monsters, most of these are looking pretty good and i hope to have them being printed within 6 to 8 weeks. I also need to commission two command models that should not take too long to do once I can afford to go ahead with them, once these are finished we will have all the models we need for all 4 starter sets  and can finally launch the kickstarter. I can formally announce that each army will release with one god model in the initial launch collection as originally planned – there is a very long list of other gods and historical figures we plan to introduce in expansion books following the successful release of the core Conquest of the Gods range.  As far as the range is concerned we have sculpted or have partially sculpted just over half of the entire launch range, and by the time the kickstarter is over we should be at or around 90 to 100% of the range being sculpted. Needless to say the range is far larger than what is in the starter sets and we think people will be pliantly surprised with what we have included in our first book (you will defiantly get more than half a dozen entries for each army)

As well as tying up a few other miscellaneous sculpts before we are ready to run with the campaign I am presently knee deep in laying out the books content, commissioning more illustrations and designing the kickstarter campaign. I’m a little behind schedule, and had intended to have the kickstarter up this month but as I don’t want to have any delays on the miniatures front after the campaign, I am trying to invest in having 60% to 80% of the entire range  fully completed with production moulding for that 60% to 80% done before the campaign even launches –that percentage contains not only all of the models we have already previewed (and a few we haven’t) but also  all 4 starter sets as these will be the foundation of the kickstarter campaign.  I’ve also been spending a fair bit of time tying up a few other loose ends such as prototyping the accessories including the bases, the template set, game cards and the game dice set! There are a few more miniature previews to come in the pipeline as well as the above mentioned fiction preview. When we get time to film it, the game play preview (this will probably be filmed at the same time as the kickstarter video) is another thing I want to show off before the campaign, an if time allows –  a glimpse into how the book will look once printed and a preview on all of the accessories and how we are doing things differently on that front. We even have some miniatures being painted to show off soon too…  To sum this all up, this all means that the project at large is right in the firing line for a launch within a few (2 to 3 max) months.


One of our sculptors have graciously agreed to show of very early sneak peek at one of the models he is working on…


New Image


I will also try and preview some other stuff real soon. The lack of updates have not been due to a lack of work, in fact it has been quite the opposite, the to do list has become short enough to start early planning on the expansion book that is planned as a squeal after the kickstarter.