Conquest of the Gods Japaense starter set preview

In the lead up to the Kickstarter i have had a few requests for more images of the various starter sets, last time out i showed you the Egyptian one, this time is the mighty Japanese armies turn. So here it is, behold the (planned) Conquest of the Gods starter set for the Japanese army. I am currently planning for this set to include 10 samurai (metal), 1 Daimyo (metal), 1 Hachiman, Japanese god of war (metal and resin) and one Oni (mostly resin with a few metal parts). As with all of the models in the range, the plan is to include timber bases. I also plan to include all of the model cards as well as a free mini rule book that covers the games core rules with each set.




I thought i would also share some added details on the samurai minatures as well. With these the heads, arms and bodies are interchange, with 6 head options, 5 different bodies and 5 different arm styles, you can mix and match them to come up with a few variations. If things go well with the Kickstarter, i hope to also release more head variants. The 5 poses we have taken from actual kata of ‘form’ stances – so any of you who have studied Japanese martial arts (notably Akido or Ninjutsu) would be familiar with the poses. Again, with these i would love to do more of the popper fighting stances. Below are some of the head variants on offer, with these we have taken some references from several museum pieces – some of the details have had to be exaggerated for scales sake but i think they are fairly honest representations.


All of these models are now at moulding, so i will do an update and show off the production casts as soon as the arrive at my desk. Im glad to report that using my 3D process there has been no loss from render to 3D print, and im yet to see any loss from 3D print to production cast! so what you see is what you should receive.


Stay tuned, next up will be a render of the Greek starter set. Then following that we may even have some painted Norse and some Japanese art work to show off.

Until then, happy gaming!

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