Conquest of the Gods Development and Production Update.

Whilst we primarily work with 3D models, sometimes it’s nice to see some traditional sculpts. Our range will feature the occasional traditional sculpt because this is really the best yard stick to use when comparing how our 3D work is going both in quality and in cost. Whilst 3D ends up being a lot more expensive, it’s good to see healthy competition between traditional and 3D sculptors and the results that follow. This week saw two traditional sculpts for the Conquest of the Gods range be sent to our casting partner for moulding and casting.  Whilst we will hold back on showing you all the fun details of these until they get back from the casters, some sneak peek pictures lay below.


In other news the fiction for the game is going wonderfully. We have one short story piece in final draft and the main body of fiction has surpassed the half-way point and is looking fantastic.  Hats off to our talented writers who are producing some very entertaining work. The games core rules are in their final draft and the model rules are about to make the transition from the alpha test into beta testing with a small group of play testers.


The design of the core game accessories are also well underway. We have now settled on how we will be doing the model bases and we have also have made a lot of progress  on the design of the cards for the game with the games ‘card deck’  finished and ready for prototyping.  The ‘model cards’ card templates for each army are well into development  and should be tied up in time for when we release production models for sale to the general public.


Model wise, we have several 3D models ready to go to casting. We are waiting to confirm some details with our resin caster before sending most of the larger models off to be cast in resin, some of  the smaller 3D stuff will be going to our metal caster sometime in the coming weeks. We have a large number of key models being worked on by some Australian 3D artists and the results are looking amazing, some of this can be shared soon!


The to do list is still long and there are several key items to get ticked off the list over the coming month, of these are some key models for development, packaging, book layout and the ever elusive issue of sorting out game dice and locking in a reliable (and cost effective) supplier.  We also need to finalise designs for the game effect tokens and templates…


So what does all this mean? It means that by Christmas we should have some prototype boxed sets to show off, some models should be for sale up on our site and we should also be well positioned to confirm if we need to raise some capital through crowd funding. Having an in house 3D printer would speed up the process significantly as we use an overseas printer due to a lack of onshore high res options – crowd funding this may be the only way to really fund the costs of the high resolution 3D printing process we use to print our models. In an ideal world we could build the fan base up through a crowd funding campaign so that several key people on the project could transition to working on it full time as well having an in house 3D printing service.


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