Egyptian command model preview

Damien Lam, one of our talented Australian 3D artists has been busy working away on the last of the Egyptian command models to feature in the launch range for Conquest of the Gods. The mighty Pharaoh and the greatest of 50 are the two key human command models Egyptian players may want to field as part of their army. The greatest of 50 is planned to be released at launch in the starter set and if we manage to exceed our Kickstarter funding goal, then there is a good chance that the Pharaoh will be added into the Egyptian starter set.


The Pharaoh will be released with two head options, a new kingdom style crown and a cobra style head dress. As these will be cast in metal, you may want to bend the tail of the cobra head dress to further customise your models pose.




Both models will be released with several weapon options, some (but not all) of them are shown here. In Conquest of the Gods, you can customise your command models, each army differs in how the command models are customised, for example Greek commanders can be equipped with additional orders to issue to their troops. For the Egyptians, this customisation is done through weapon options; we will include the options with the model. There are a few other interesting options for these models that i hope to show off during the Kickstarter campaign.


We are yet to show off the basic Egyptian troops and their starter set monster (though their artwork has been previewed). These are sculpted and are going through prototyping over the next two weeks, so we may opt to just show off the actual models rather than 3D renders, I will probably do the same with the Greek hoplites as I would rather show them off in formation.


This update makes the final part of sculpting for the starter set models.  I can announce that many of the expansion goal miniatures are either under way or are sculpted and just need to be prototyped and to go through moulding (hence why we need to do a Kickstarter). The book is coming along nicely and is going through some layout tweaks, we are still working on the Japanese artwork so the art preview for the Japanese section is still a little way off yet but will be live before the date of the Kickstarter is announced. I need to get some laser cutting sorted, shipping quotes done and decide on how the models will be packaged –though the kickstarter models won’t be sent out in ‘retail’ packaging, to offset the lower prices. I dont think our Kickstarter backers will be really worried about the product pakaging given that Kickstarter is not for retail.

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