Egyptian Medjay – Nubian Infantry

Nubian Medjay infantry are conscripted troops that may be added to any Egyptian army. Traditionally most period examples of Nubians had bows, however due to the core Egyptian troops having plenty of access to ranged weapons we have oped to save the bow firing option for the Nubians for a later release.  These specalised troops are very affordable for Egyptian planers and add a great low cost hard hitting close combat infantry option for what is a primarily range attack army.


Sculpted by Australian 3D artist Stephen Davidson, our Nubian models are based on those from the tomb of Mesehti. Like us, Mesehti liked miniature soldiers, so much that he had a number of them buried with him in his tomb. The Nubians found within Mesehti’s toomb are somewhat static in pose, marching in straight lines. In a nod to the reference we have designed our Nubians to have a similar look and design. This means that all of the models in the unit will have the same core body, with three basic arm variants and a separate shield – these metal multi-part miniatures should give you an approximated version of what Mesehti had with him in his tomb. The shields and spears on the renders below are not final and will probably be re-scaled a little during printing.





When we get to doing expansion books for Conquest of the Gods we do intend to bring you other Nubian models. For our initial launch we thought that most Egyptian players would enjoy our little nod to what could have been one of the worlds earliest wargame model collectors.




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