Egyptian starter set model update & proposed Kickstarter launch date

The last of the starter set models for the 4 armies were prototyped this week and I am very excited to share the prototypes with you. Below you can see Horus (base not pictured), The Uraeus, Egyptian Archers and the Greatest of 50 prototypes.

Horus is a pretty large miniature, once he is on his base he will be nearly as tall as the imposing minotaur and troll sculpts. His ‘scale’ is 51mm, however the base significantly adds to his height. There is also a small swarm of Scarabs in the image, ill reveal more on those later.

Horus B&W


Like Horus, the Greatest of 50 and Pharaoh have already had their renders shown off, so here are the models in their parts. You will notice that the Pharaoh comes with two head options and both the Pharaoh and Greatest of 50 have weapon options.

Pharaoh B&W

Greatest of 50 B&W


The archers are your basic Egyptian infantry. They are a cheap ranged unit that you will need to keep out of close combat.

Archers B&W


Finally the Uraeus. This is the large fire breathing cobra we previewed the art work for a few months back.

Uraeus_1 B&W

The Uraeus will come with an optional fire part that can be assembled and glued into the mouth of the model. This is just an added value part that I felt help sells what the model ‘does’ in the game. I hope to cast these in a red opaque or transparent resin. Once I have this confirmed I will let you all know how the fire parts will arrive – worst case scenario they will be cast in the regular resin I use but just tinted red.

Uraeus_3 B&W

Once assembled he should look something like this:


This milestone means that the models for all 4 starter sets are prototyped. It is now a matter of moulding and casting the last of these, though I am anticipating Horus to be an interesting challenge for my casters. These Egyptian models are all going to moulding over the next 2 to 4 weeks. The resin parts might not quite make it back in time for the Kickstarter so these bad boys will probably be shown off as renders at the launch of the campaign, their images will hopefully be updated at some point during the campaign with their cast and painted incarnations. The part count may change slightly as I am thinking about reducing the part count for Horus’s weapon by welding some of the parts together before they are moulded. I am also yet to confirm what parts will be in resin and what will be in metal for Horus and the greatest of 50’s whip (that will probably be in resin).


As mentioned above, the Kickstarter is nearing; we have a tentative launch date of November 17. This will be confirmed once I know that my advertising partner is good to go for that date, and I will make a more formal announcement. If things change I’ll probably survey everyone as to when they would like to see the Kickstarter live and aim for a close date that works for everyone.

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