Feb 2014 update!

We only have one fiction preview left before the launch of the kickstarter so we will try and show this off within a week’s time, that being a preview on the now finished core fiction! 

As a general update we are currently working on the other three god models for the starter sets as well as one of the 70mm scale monsters, most of these are looking pretty good and i hope to have them being printed within 6 to 8 weeks. I also need to commission two command models that should not take too long to do once I can afford to go ahead with them, once these are finished we will have all the models we need for all 4 starter sets  and can finally launch the kickstarter. I can formally announce that each army will release with one god model in the initial launch collection as originally planned – there is a very long list of other gods and historical figures we plan to introduce in expansion books following the successful release of the core Conquest of the Gods range.  As far as the range is concerned we have sculpted or have partially sculpted just over half of the entire launch range, and by the time the kickstarter is over we should be at or around 90 to 100% of the range being sculpted. Needless to say the range is far larger than what is in the starter sets and we think people will be pliantly surprised with what we have included in our first book (you will defiantly get more than half a dozen entries for each army)

As well as tying up a few other miscellaneous sculpts before we are ready to run with the campaign I am presently knee deep in laying out the books content, commissioning more illustrations and designing the kickstarter campaign. I’m a little behind schedule, and had intended to have the kickstarter up this month but as I don’t want to have any delays on the miniatures front after the campaign, I am trying to invest in having 60% to 80% of the entire range  fully completed with production moulding for that 60% to 80% done before the campaign even launches –that percentage contains not only all of the models we have already previewed (and a few we haven’t) but also  all 4 starter sets as these will be the foundation of the kickstarter campaign.  I’ve also been spending a fair bit of time tying up a few other loose ends such as prototyping the accessories including the bases, the template set, game cards and the game dice set! There are a few more miniature previews to come in the pipeline as well as the above mentioned fiction preview. When we get time to film it, the game play preview (this will probably be filmed at the same time as the kickstarter video) is another thing I want to show off before the campaign, an if time allows –  a glimpse into how the book will look once printed and a preview on all of the accessories and how we are doing things differently on that front. We even have some miniatures being painted to show off soon too…  To sum this all up, this all means that the project at large is right in the firing line for a launch within a few (2 to 3 max) months.


One of our sculptors have graciously agreed to show of very early sneak peek at one of the models he is working on…


New Image


I will also try and preview some other stuff real soon. The lack of updates have not been due to a lack of work, in fact it has been quite the opposite, the to do list has become short enough to start early planning on the expansion book that is planned as a squeal after the kickstarter.

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