Greek artwork preview

We are pleased to preview some more artwork, this time by talented Australian artist George Evangelista who is doing the art for the Greek section of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book.

George has joined our talented team with valuable experience from television, film and book publishing industries. His passion for mythology has come through in his work, with his realistic style taking our miniature design philosophy to the next level. As you can see when compared to the Norse artwork, the Greek artwork has a different style and look, this is intentional as each section of the book will have its own unique feel and flavour.

To sample some of geoprges work that will feature in the Gree section of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book we present:

The Greek Minotaur (miniature already previewed)

Minotaur-Final_Brightness Adjust with Logos

And the Greek Strategos.



This should give you all a taste of what the Greek artwork will look like, this is also the first taste of what the Greek infantry models look like. All of the greek infantry miniatures have been sculpted (including the strategos) and will be previewed soon.

We should have some more model and art previews on the way some time in the next few weeks. Previews have been a bit slower than we would like as our focus has shifted heavily on production moulding and prototyping for all of the models in the core starter sets (one for each army). We plan to have all of the core starter sets finished and production moulding for them completed before we ask people for money on Kickstarter.

In the meantime, please spread the word about the project! We are on most social media platforms (all linked from the top of our webpage). If you would like to see more examples of Georges work he is on social media, George’s website can be seen at:

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