Greek fiction preview.

This week we are featuring fiction from the very talented Tracie McBride. Tracie is the principal author of the the Conquest of the Gods main narrative in addition to the Greek short story titled ‘A feast for the crows’.

Tracie is from new Zealand, and lives with her husband and three children in the city of Melbourne here in Australia. Like all of our other authors, Tracie comes from a Horror writing background. We have found that by using writers that are more accustomed to writing for an adult audience, the fiction is far more grittier and befitting the setting than what most wargamers are accustomed to. As we are aiming for an adult audience we do not need to tip toe around the gritty elements of war that our authors have done so well to inject into the games tone and design through the fiction.

As with all of the short stories, they do not focus on the gods themselves but rather the mortals that are fighting the battles at the bidding of the gods.



Stay tuned to see more excerpts of Tracies’ work from the Conquest of the Gods core rule book as we look to feature at least one except from the main narrative as we count down towards the launch of our kickstarter.  I would also encourage you to check out Tracie’s blog and her other work via

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