Japanese art preview

Welcome to another pre-launch update for Conquest of the Gods.

After some model previews its time for a final peek at the artwork. Today’s update features some artwork by Anikó Hollósi  and George Evangelista as well as another piece from Daniel Mitchell. Like the other art styles, the Japanese art helps them stand out in the book with their own identity. For the Japanese we have gone with a black and white art style that incorporates a splash of red. The original inspiration for this was from a Japanese tattoo of an Oni I found early on in doing research for the Oni – the tattoo was in black and white with the only colour being the demons red eyes… as you will see below, we have taken the same approach with our Oni’s artwork. Anikó it working on the bulk of the Japanese pieces, with George doing one or two of the monsters.

Shogun, Samurai and Hachiman by Anikó



2page preview
Oni by George

preview Oni

Each unit in the book will receive the full page artwork treatment, and our creative team are busy working away on the rest of the images.

As an added treat, here is a recently finished Egyptian piece by Daniel Mitchell – behold Horus.


As a side, I will also be posting pictures of all of the prototypes/3D prints and where suitable, production casts of the starter set models to compliment the renders that are being shown off. It helps backers be aware that the models do actually exist in the real world.

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