Japanese Samurai

To close out 2013 we thought one final preview was in order, this is one that we have received a few requests for given that some were keen to know what they could be fielding along side the Oni sculpt.. so we present the Samurai unit.

We could not release a Japanese army without giving you the option to field plenty of Samurai. Australian 3D artist David Sparrow has done a magnificent job in bringing our vision for the samurai miniatures to life. The challenge was designing samurai miniatures that were a nod to history, affordable, in scale, containing the right balance of detail and dynamic enough in pose to make players feel like we were bring you  something new and interesting. The solution was to design a mutli-part  metal kit with interchangeable parts and a number of head options.

The head options below are not all of the options that will be available and are subject to minor changes before release (the tori gate head option in particular), we plan to release the kit with at least one additional head option included – and we are already considering releasing head variant kits later on down the track to give players more variation.

The basic poses of the samurai in our range are based on 5 culturally appropriate fighting stances, with  interchangeable parts, players should get some variance in the samurai they assemble for their army. We have also designed an optional flag for the backs of these models, however we are yet to determine as to if we will include these with the basic samurai kit or make them an optional extra with the planned head options.

David is already  contracted to work on some more Japanese models for our range that we hope to show off some time early next year. In the meantime feast your eyes upon one of the infantry options for our Japanese army.













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