Pre-launch update

It has been a busy few weeks in the lead up to the Kickstarter launch. Not everything has gone as smoothly as planned, but we are ready for the launch! The video content is about to be uploaded to Kickstarter and some time tomorrow, it will go live.

Mat, our painter injured his arm in the lead up, so the Norse starter set is not yet fully painted, in fact – Thor is the only one that is done (Sans cape), but we will be updating the starter set image as the campaign progresses. I have also updated the model gallery to reflect where things are up to production wise with the other models. So here is the work in progress of the production models for the Norse, its not an ideal image to be showing off, but it will be updated over the course of the campaign as Matts arm heals and he is able to pick the brush back up. As this is not an established company with full time staff, these kinds of gremlins do crop up, but at least all of the models for the starter sets have had their moulding and we are ready to get this start up off the ground!



a work in progress of Thors paint

Thor paint WIP 02 blur


And here are the production parts for the Troll




I will look forward to bringing you all some updated pictures of the painted models as the campaign progresses. I am also looking forward to providing some images of more production models as they arrive back here over the next few weeks.


Thanks again for your support. I will do another update tomorrow once we are live 🙂

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  1. celle
    celle says:


    Could you be more specific about the hour and timezone of the tomorrow launch?

    As a matter of fact, i put a link on a forum and several persons are interested. But since 24th is a monday and you’re in australia, a little help would be welcome!


    • Demigod Games
      Demigod Games says:

      Hi Celle

      I appreciate you sharing the news of our launch! We are looking at launching at 7:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight savings time for the launch so that those of us in the future are almost on the same day as you guys in the past 🙂


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