Sneak Peek – Norse Berserkers

One of the elite unit choices for the Norse army in Conquest of the Gods are Norse Berserkers. Elijah Akouri has finished sculpting this fantastic unit and whilst we were planning to keep these hidden away with the other elite units for the Kickstarter, we couldn’t resist and have decided to give you a sneak peek of whats on the way.


Below are two of the five poses for the units miniatures. These models have some combustibility, such as removable capes and should look fantastic when painted up as a unit.




These models are currently in our production Que for 3D printing and the production models along with the other three poses will be part of our upcoming kickstarter campaign.

The other elite units for the other armies are also either finished or are in the process of being completed.  We may tease some of the other elite units closer to the launch of the campaign, so stay tuned!



We now have some higher resolution renderes of these models for you:



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    • Demigod Games
      Demigod Games says:

      Hi Paul. Thanks for the comment.

      We hope to see them available during our kickstarter campaign, they will be listed as an expansion goal. If the kickstarter is successful they will be available as a unit after the kickstarter campaign. Once we have the models for the starter sets are fully prototyped and all of the production moulds have been tested we will be launching the campaign, hopefully within the next few months – we want to avoid selling people renders of all of our models.

      As for the price point, the exact details of this have not yet been finalised (this cant be done until we have final production casts in hand and know exactly how much metal will be in each one), however you should expect them to be less expensive than similar models from the main industry players.


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