Valkyrie preview.

Today we present another model preview in what should now be smaller yet more regular previews  between now and when we launch the crowd funding campaign some time early next year.

Australian artist Adam Bax has been working busily on our Valkyrie model. Our representation of this Norse guardian angel is truly a stunning piece of work and we are very excited to be showing you her 3D render. As i type this update she is being uploaded and prepped for quoting before being printed by one of our 3D printing partners.

This metal and resin multipart kit was designed to not only suspend the model up off the base but also be balanced enough so that it would not constantly fall over. Our design and focused on keeping the weight of the model down low to the base so that it can be used as a gaming piece.

The final release model will be available in 2 to 4 versions depending on demand and how much capital we raise during the crowd funding campaign to cover the 3D printing costs of the other iterations. We will be releasing an adult version (pictured) and a PG version where hair will cover the breasts. Further to this a ‘busty’ version of both adult and PG versions has also been designed.





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  1. Curufea
    Curufea says:

    Nice – I would like to see how she stands as a multipart. She looks tricky with all the thin parts – Personally I’d look at pinning the limbs like the Guild of Harmony Mary Poppins 🙂

    • Demigod Games
      Demigod Games says:

      Thanks for your post. All of the parts will come with the pins and cavities moulded into the model. The cloth itself is in two main parts, the two smaller cloth sections are also separate and glue on to the main vertical cloth section. We will post an update of the prototype in its parts once we get it back from the printers. She has been designed to pin together with minimal effort and will have most of her weight low down in the model so she won’t tip over.


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