Welcome to the Demigod Games website!

After three attempts at writing the site and several small IT battles the website for Demigod Games is finally here.  This is the first of many milestones to come and I hope you enjoy sharing our journey in developing amazing new products as well as pushing the envelope in innovation and quality. We have exciting news to share over the coming weeks and months and look forward to showing off some new minatures very soon.

There is only one element left to upload,  a picture of yours truly to the about us section.  Needles to say the camera did not like me today but I will short this one out as soon as practiable. We will also be adding more features to the site as the product line develops,  key along these will be a Web store and a downloads section.  The are also some more ambitious plans,  abet these will only be shared one I know we can deliver on them.

So in closing,   welcome to the Demigod Games website. Be sure to also check out our social media presence too.  More updates will be forthcoming in the near future.