Conquest of the Gods Giant miniatures – Advanced preview

We recently reached a fun milestone, 200 likes on Facebook. Whilst this may not seem like many when compared to other larger companies, for the team at Demigod Games it’s an encouraging sign that people are starting to take an interest in the project. We would like to thank our social media followers by doing a special, unplanned preview.   Today we are going to show off one of the more exciting parts of the project, some of the giant models for Conquest of the Gods. We had planned to keep this under wraps until the Kickstarter, but have opted to show off some of the ‘larger’ things we have in store for our backers early.   Some of you may recall, or have noticed the amazing Alpha Sphinx miniature that we have on the way by Australian artist Carly Glover:


The Alpha sphinx is one of a number of very large miniatures for each army , and is the largest Egyptian model planned for the first Conquest of the Gods book. The Alpha Sphinx’s preview pictures don’t really give a sense of scale, however we can tell you that the wingspan on this mighty beast is an impressive 18cm and it should dwarf most of the other miniatures on the tabletop, except for the other ‘giant’ models on the way for the other cultures.   The Norse will be able to field mighty Jötunn, frost giants of the Norse realm whos models are roughly the same physical size as  Cyclops (without the base). This one has also been sculpted by Carly Glover. The victims in his hands are to scale with the other human miniatures.



The above renders of the Jötunn are works in progress, so these are not final, but this gives you a good idea as to where the final model that will be be part of our Kickstarter campaign is headed.

As mentioned above. the Greeks will be receiving some Cyclops sculpts, and like the Alpha Sphinx, these are to scale to the other miniatures. The average Cyclops miniature stands 15cm to 16 cm tall. Here is one of our cyclops models that is ready for prototyping



The Japanese are also receiving a giant model, that will be in the same vein as the Norse and Greek offerings, a large humanoid standing around 15 to 16cm tall, however it is not ready to be shown off just yet, So in lieu of a Japanese preview, here is an artwork preview for the Cyclops by one of our talented illustrators; George Evangelista.


Cyclops Illustration



The challenge in bringing these models to you is immense, they are very large – and with that comes large prototyping, casting costs, and complexity in their design. However we are happy to report that some of these models are already through prototyping and are approaching the moulding stage! We will defiantly need capital from our upcoming kickstarter campaign to make all of these a reality. It also sets a strong benchmark for the first of our large models, with plans for some of the future expansion books to bring you even larger miniatures (though we may wait for a few expansion books before diving in too deep on that promise). We need to flag that these will be expansion goals for the kickstarter campaign, so they wont be available from the onset but we do hope to bring them to you if/when the campaign reaches its other funding goals.   We hope you all enjoy this exciting preview and we look forward to bring you more exciting news on Conquest of the Gods in the coming weeks.