Ares – Greek god of War

Today we preview the long awaited Greek god miniature: Ares. Ares is the final god miniature to be previewed for the Conquest of the Gods range and like the other three, will feature in his respective (Greek) starter set.

Sculpted by Sydney based artist Oliver Cook, this multi-part, multi-material miniature will be released inclusive of the scenic elements for his base (yes that includes the blood!) as part of the Greek starter set for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

The 31mm scale (heroic 28mm) Ares miniature is donned with an ornate Corinth helm and heavily decorated cuirass suited to a god of Olympus. As one of the symbols of Ares is the spear we have armed him with a mythical looking ornate spear at fits within the design fitting in with the broader aesthetic style of a Greek god in our setting. The 3D blood adds to the models presence and is reflective of the characters brutality in both the game and the fiction. It has been coloured red in the render to help sell the idea. Both the blood and his cape are separate parts that you may opt to leave off the model when you assemble it.





It has been a long journey to bring this preview to you, as there are a number of challenges in the design and concept that we needed to overcome. To bring this model to life we are needing to use two different 3D printing technologies as well as two different casting partners.  The wait for this one has been well worth it and we will be showing off final production casts of this model before we launch the Kickstarter.



As Ares is one of the lesser known Greek Olympic gods,  son of Zeus and Hera he represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war and has played a relatively limited role in Greek mythology as represented in literary narratives. He was primarily worshipped by soldiers and the Spartans, and is considered by many historians to have been a niche god who was only worshipped when the need necessitated it. This is not the case in Conquest of the Gods, he is a central charter in the core rule book fiction.

The preview of Ares marks an important milestone in the lead up to our launch. Production prototyping and moulding is well under way for all of the other previewed models (and quite a few we have not yet shown). A broader project update will be forthcoming with more details as to where we are up to and what you can expect from the crowd funding campaign. Once the production casts of this and several other key models are in hand, the game play video will be filmed, and again this will coincide with our Kickstarter. Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting news and developments on the Conquest of the Gods table top wargame.