Demigod Games

Demigod Games is a small boutique gaming and miniatures company base in Orange NSW, Australia. The business was founded by John Stevens and has been set up to push the limits miniature design and quality through the use of new laser, 3D design and 3D print technologies . Demigod Games secondary goal is to establish  the industry here in Australia in the shadow of this new era of miniature design and fabrication.

Our miniature range is primarily designed in 3D and printed using the latest 3D printing technologies, although we do have some models in our range that have been hand sculpted by traditional sculpting artisans, the digital era is our primary focus. We aim to bring you realistic, highly detailed works of art that you the consumer can enjoy and appreciate through tabletop play. We believe that a more tactile gaming experience with dice and tabletop miniatures is more enjoyable and rewarding then playing modern video games.

Our hope in intention is to break the mold on how miniatures are designed and produced. Both the game and its miniatures are deigned by gamers for gamers. We are not driven by the interests of shareholders or accountants, our passion comes from a love of the tabletop wargaming hobby and a passion for the technologies we are using to create our products.

Most of our products are designed and all are made here in Australia. We use local casters and have established some fantastic partnerships here in Australia to deliver you the best quality product we can produce.

Thanks for visiting our site, and for considering our products for your gaming needs. As our range grows, we hope you enjoy our products and have fun playing our game(s)

Demigod Games.

John Stevens

John Stevens

Owner & Lead designer.

Demigod Games was founded by John. He has been a passionate hobbyist for over 20 years and founded Demigod Games with a view to develop a premium tabletop wargame. John has a varied professional background with a number of degrees under his belt and strong business credentials. John is the lead creative force behind Demigod Games, from game and rules design, miniature design right through to designing the setting and plot for the games fiction. If you have a product released by Demigod Games, John has been involved in every facet its development.