Alpha Sphinx preview

Todays model preview features what will be the largest model in the Egyptian army in the initial releases found within the pages of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book. Sculpted by Australian artist Carly Glover, this multi-part resin metal kit has an intimidating wingspan just over  18cm, the height of the sphinx himself (without is base) is just over 10cm.

Carly Glover is a Sydney based 3D Artist who specialises in the design and modeling of the weird and the wonderful characters that have yet to exist. With a Bachelor of Design from COFA UNSW, her professional background kicked off in Graphic Design and Television Production within the Art Department for several Australian Networks. More Recently, Carly moved into the 3D Arts where she studied Animation & VFX at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Carly is currently producing a short film with a team of six as a proof of concept for a children’s series pitch later next year. As an artist, she is always seeking new adventures and exciting characters to bring to life and Demigod Games has provided just that! Carly is already working on another monstrous creation for Conquest of the Gods, this time for the Norse army.

The design philosophy of this model follows the broader philosophy we bring to all of our models, what would this look like if it were real. As each army will have at least one ‘giant’ model in it, we wanted this to be the giant model for the Egyptians, and for it to have a truly fearsome presence. This originally was not going to be the ‘giant’ model for the army but as the concept evolved we felt that making the model larger was the only way to truly give the concept the respect and attention that it deserved.   Given the importance of the sphinx units within the armies rules it made further sense to make the Alpha sphinx a centerpiece model, one that will only be rivalled in presence by the Egyptian god model that we will be previewing next year before we launch our crowd funding campaign.

The Alpha Sphinx will act as a conduit between your god and the non-winged sphinx models that we will be featuring once they are closer to completion. The Alpha Sphinx will not only be a key strategic mythical unit (if you opt to field mythical units in your army) but is also a fearsome combatant that can hold its own if necessary.

Whilst we did give you a small preview of this model in our initial preview post, it’s only fair that we give this beautiful piece of art a proper post to show it off. This model is presently in our prototyping queue with  the growing number of models we need to have printed with our 3D printing firm and should be ready for casting sometime early next year.





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