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2021 Update

The site is still up, and yes, I am still here! So, what’s being going on and where are things heeded with Demigod games? We were at a point where Conquest of the Gods was written and the models were sculpted (well one needs an arm exported so It can be printed) with only the […]

2018 Update

Welcome to a long overdue update on Conquest of the Gods. Some of you have been in touch asking when the game and the models will become available and if the game is still in development, the short answer is yes the game is in development. Life can, as they say – get in the […]

March 2016 update

Welcome to the overdue update on Conquest of the Gods! 2016 has had a somewhat chaotic start for me in my personal life, and as they say life can get in the way. However I am happy to report that progress has been made and things are moving forwards (just not as quickly as planned). […]

October Update

It is spring here in Australia, and the change in season has brought more than just warmer weather and blooming flowers. My first piece of exciting news is that Conquest of the Gods is now a registered trademark! This is an important step in developing any game and gives the brand that extra layer of […]

July 2015 update

It is time for another update on Conquest of the Gods. Over the past month things have been steadily inching closer to completion. Here is an overview of what’s been happening. The book: The book had another round of edits this month, tightening up some of the looser elements that I identified needed tidying up […]

June 2015 Update

Thanks to a hard drive failure this update has been somewhat delayed. The good news is that i recovered everything and have set up a new, more reliable back up system, and my update is finally here!   One of the (several) major holdups to releasing the miniatures range has been recently overcome, that being […]

March 2015 Update

Hello and welcome to the latest update on the colossal project that is Conquest of the Gods! I have received a few emails over the past two weeks asking for updates on the game, sculpts and information on purchasing the miniatures. An update is way overdue, in part due to personal circumstances but also due […]

End of year update

As the silly season winds down and news years approaches i felt that an end of year update was in order. 2014 has been a big year for Demigod Games, Conquest of the Gods has gone from early stage with only a few miniatures to being almost ready for release. The book is going through […]

Post Kickstarter update

As a caveat this news went out to our news letter subscribers earlier today. Today’s post is a follow up from the Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter campaign that i closed early the other day. Some of you were disappointed that I stopped it early and today I wanted to go over why i closed […]