Conquest of the Gods is an upcoming historical fantasy tabletop wargame created  by Demigod Games. Conquest of the Gods melds history, cultural mythology and fantasy to give tabletop wargamers a fresh new take on popular historical mythology.  Players take control of powerful armies populated with historical units and mythical creatures, commanded by great hero’s and gods.

Conquest of the Gods is played with high quality white metal and resin miniatures manufactured by Demigod Games.  The miniature range developed by Demigod Games utilises a combination of traditional sculpting techniques as well as some of the latest digital miniature design methods. Our range is molded and cast using new techniques by our casting partners with an aim to deliver unrivaled detail and quality.

With Conquest of the Gods, we at Demigod games want to give gamers a new experience in game play. Our game design is focused on delivering a fun and unique fog of war game play experience. We aim to give gamers a new game play experience that not only simulates what battle is really like but also aims to be more engaging to play, with players participating  in both theirs and the opponents turn. The game also utilises polyhedral dice to help diversify combat and add another layer of complexity to the games combat system.

At launch Conquest of the Gods will feature at least 4 armies. Whilst there are plans for additional armies, Players can enjoy our initial release that will cover Ancient Greece, Norse (vikings), Ancient Egypt and Ancient Japan. More specifics on the contents of each range will be forthcoming as well as details on how you can help increase the number of initial release armies to six with our planned crowd funding campaign late in 2013, or early 2014.

Starting up a new tabletop wargaming range is not without its challenges, and we want to  ensure that the products we release are of the highest quality. As such our initial releases will be fairly limited until after our crowd funding campaign. Following this we plan to have  regular releases and expansions for our core game system as well as tentative plans for some exciting smaller projects if our flagship product is a success. Our current release plans are to launch our online store in or before the 3rd quarter 2013. Following this we will look at our crowd funding campaign to accelerate the initial release items, failing this we will slowly release our items as quickly as we can fund them. We intend to not only release a high quality product but plan to be here for the long haul.

Representing military characters from History, Conquest of the Gods will take players into a new historical mythos Game setting. Supported by their armies, genreals will also have the option to call upon great mythical creatures as well as the gods themselves to help them in their campaigns for conquest and survival. We are busy putting the final touches on Conquest of the Gods and once our play testing phase is completed we will be looking to have the rulebook printed as soon as practicable.

We are very proud to be bringing you a new wargaming experiencing, made here in Australia by wargamers for wargamers. Be sure to follow us on social media and join our mailing list (see below)