Pre-launch update

It has been a busy few weeks in the lead up to the Kickstarter launch. Not everything has gone as smoothly as planned, but we are ready for the launch! The video content is about to be uploaded to Kickstarter and some time tomorrow, it will go live.

Mat, our painter injured his arm in the lead up, so the Norse starter set is not yet fully painted, in fact – Thor is the only one that is done (Sans cape), but we will be updating the starter set image as the campaign progresses. I have also updated the model gallery to reflect where things are up to production wise with the other models. So here is the work in progress of the production models for the Norse, its not an ideal image to be showing off, but it will be updated over the course of the campaign as Matts arm heals and he is able to pick the brush back up. As this is not an established company with full time staff, these kinds of gremlins do crop up, but at least all of the models for the starter sets have had their moulding and we are ready to get this start up off the ground!



a work in progress of Thors paint

Thor paint WIP 02 blur


And here are the production parts for the Troll




I will look forward to bringing you all some updated pictures of the painted models as the campaign progresses. I am also looking forward to providing some images of more production models as they arrive back here over the next few weeks.


Thanks again for your support. I will do another update tomorrow once we are live 🙂

Japanese art preview

Welcome to another pre-launch update for Conquest of the Gods.

After some model previews its time for a final peek at the artwork. Today’s update features some artwork by Anikó Hollósi  and George Evangelista as well as another piece from Daniel Mitchell. Like the other art styles, the Japanese art helps them stand out in the book with their own identity. For the Japanese we have gone with a black and white art style that incorporates a splash of red. The original inspiration for this was from a Japanese tattoo of an Oni I found early on in doing research for the Oni – the tattoo was in black and white with the only colour being the demons red eyes… as you will see below, we have taken the same approach with our Oni’s artwork. Anikó it working on the bulk of the Japanese pieces, with George doing one or two of the monsters.

Shogun, Samurai and Hachiman by Anikó



2page preview
Oni by George

preview Oni

Each unit in the book will receive the full page artwork treatment, and our creative team are busy working away on the rest of the images.

As an added treat, here is a recently finished Egyptian piece by Daniel Mitchell – behold Horus.


As a side, I will also be posting pictures of all of the prototypes/3D prints and where suitable, production casts of the starter set models to compliment the renders that are being shown off. It helps backers be aware that the models do actually exist in the real world.

Kickstarter stretch goals preview

Hi everyone and welcome to another Conquest of the Gods preview! Today i am going to give you all a small taste of what i hope to be unlocking during theKickstarter campaign. I have designed the campaign to include a number of stretch goals, each stretch goal will essentially fund things like printing the hard cover book and the moulding of the models beyond the starter sets that i have not had the personal finances to fund the moulding for myself. Reaching the stretch goals will inject the funding and let me release these much sooner as it is pretty slow going when they are just being funded from whats left of my wage after i have paid the bills. In all but a couple of cases, the stretch goal models have been sculpted and are ready for prototyping. The Conquest of the Gods core rule book will feature 46 different units, covering over 100 sculpts, of these the starter sets only make up a portion of what i have planned.

This is also a great chance for me to show off the scale of the range a bit more and help you all get a better grasp of my vision for the game. Before i show the larger models, here is a reminder of the scales as shown in one of my previous posts:



New Image


Now here is a selection of some of the stretch goal models sitting among our already impressively large Minotaur.


From left to right we have a Japanese Ashigaru (these will come in units), a Greek Orthrus, a Norse Valkyrie, the Greek Minotaur, an Egyptian Alpha Sphinx and a Greek Cyclops.


I have already prototyped a character cyclops (polyphemus) who is ready for moulding, so there is no risk in regards to if i can deliver these, i just need the funding….Here is a quick photo of  the head of Polyphemus next to a Greek Lochagos, please excuse the bent spear, this  play test model has been dropped, trodden on and survived an attack from my 3yo daughter.

New Image2

The above imaged do not give the Orthrus the credit it deserves, its a fairly large model by most peoples standards so here is a closer look, keeping in mind that the Ashigaru is a 31mm scale (from the feet to the eyes) miniature. The tail and chains are straight as these will be cast in metal so you can bend them to help customise the look of your model.



Stay tuned as excitement builds as we near the launch of the Kickstarter! There are more previews to come!

Greek starter set preview

With only a week until the Kickstarter launches, things are heating up here at Demigod Games. The Kickstarter video is being edited by my talented mate Tim, who enjoyed several laughs as we tried to film the video with the limited resources at hand, i will do a development blog post on this for those who like to see what goes on behind the scenes when trying to create something like this on a shoestring budget.


Resin and metal models are arriving at a regular rate, as i have previously mentioned, all of the starter set models have been sent off to moulding, i have taken photos of the prototypes along the way and will share those as well as pictures of the production models throughout the Kickstarter campaign. My original plan was to only post photos of painted models, however time has crept up on my and the deadline for the launch is almost here. With that in mind for the Egyptian, Japanese and Greek sets, i will be showing of the 3D models, assembled in the software and then rendered to reproduce what will arrive, with the view to photograph the production models and upload them as they become available. This is because a handful of resin parts from each of the sets is yet to land here in Australia. For the Greeks the culprit is the blood for Ares spear, that should arrive here before the end of the campaign.


Today i want to share what will be released in the Greek starter set, as with the other sets, this one will include the mini rule book – this book is essentially just the rules section of the larger hard cover rule book. In the Greek starter set, you will receive 10 hoplites, 1 Minotaur, 1 Lochagos, and one Ares: Greek god of war.




Ares was a fun challenge to take on, i felt that he was one of the gods that was never done to my satisfaction in other ranges, so i hope you like the Demigod Games interpretation of this classic figure from the Greek mythos. As with all of the models in the range, we have avoided diluting the original concept of what each creature, god or unit is and have tried to deliver it in its purest form. This no compromises approach really gives the game an immense sense of scale, aligning if with the ‘clash of the titans’ on the tabletop look that concept that i started with back when the game was just an idea.


Ares back


The hoplites have been deisnged to form a phalanx, and really come to life when you feild them in larger units, just for fun i threw 40 into the render engine to show you what they look like when you take a few of them

Hoplites mass.31


Hoplites mass.30


Mat, our talented painter is working away on the Norse starter set and i hope to be showing it off later in the week, between now and then ill do a few more posts giving you a look at the Japanese artwork, some of the expansion goals and that behind the scenes look at the how we filmed the video…

Once the painted miniatures are on hand i can also do the long awaited game play video!


I hope you are as excited about the Greek releases as i am, and for those of you wanting Vikings, you wont be disappointed, they are looking amazing!



Owner: Demigod Games

Conquest of the Gods Japaense starter set preview

In the lead up to the Kickstarter i have had a few requests for more images of the various starter sets, last time out i showed you the Egyptian one, this time is the mighty Japanese armies turn. So here it is, behold the (planned) Conquest of the Gods starter set for the Japanese army. I am currently planning for this set to include 10 samurai (metal), 1 Daimyo (metal), 1 Hachiman, Japanese god of war (metal and resin) and one Oni (mostly resin with a few metal parts). As with all of the models in the range, the plan is to include timber bases. I also plan to include all of the model cards as well as a free mini rule book that covers the games core rules with each set.




I thought i would also share some added details on the samurai minatures as well. With these the heads, arms and bodies are interchange, with 6 head options, 5 different bodies and 5 different arm styles, you can mix and match them to come up with a few variations. If things go well with the Kickstarter, i hope to also release more head variants. The 5 poses we have taken from actual kata of ‘form’ stances – so any of you who have studied Japanese martial arts (notably Akido or Ninjutsu) would be familiar with the poses. Again, with these i would love to do more of the popper fighting stances. Below are some of the head variants on offer, with these we have taken some references from several museum pieces – some of the details have had to be exaggerated for scales sake but i think they are fairly honest representations.


All of these models are now at moulding, so i will do an update and show off the production casts as soon as the arrive at my desk. Im glad to report that using my 3D process there has been no loss from render to 3D print, and im yet to see any loss from 3D print to production cast! so what you see is what you should receive.


Stay tuned, next up will be a render of the Greek starter set. Then following that we may even have some painted Norse and some Japanese art work to show off.

Until then, happy gaming!

Announcing Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter launch date – 24 November 2014

I am pleased to announce that the launch date for the Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter will be November 24. I am just ironing out the final details for a few things before the launch date!

What can you expect to see from the Kickstarter?

We will be launching it with army starter sets for each of the 4 factions. These are a great way to introduce people into the miniatures range and the game. I also think they are comparatively good value when compared with other similar starter sets from the main industry players. Expansion goals will open up additional units and models to add to your pledge. There will be a few free add-ons in the expansion goals but they will largely focus on opening up the models and units that need more funding to get into production.


What will each starter set contain?

Each starter set will contain 1 god, 1 basic commander, 1 monster (70mm) and a unit of 10 troops, though the number of troops in the Egyptian set is still being worked out due to the increased costs of having Horus in their set (it may mean getting 5 troops and a scarab swarm instead). With the exception of Horus and the monsters, the other models are all 31mm scale. Each miniature will come with a high quality timber base.


Where are we up to production wise?

The Norse set is being painted by Matt at the moment; the Greek starter set has been moulded and will go to painting before the campaign, I am waiting on a shipment back for a few of the resin parts (notably the blood for Ares spear). The Japanese and Egyptian starter sets are going through moulding over the next few weeks. Some of the resin parts  probably won’t be ready in time but I can think I can work around this by showing off the master models.

The book is going through editing, and the artwork for all of the starter set units will be completed before the campaign! So we are on track with the book (assuming we generate get enough funding to print it!) the Mini (rules only) version of the book just needs a few art assets and it’s also ready to print off.



As always I will leave you with some eye candy, here is a first rendering of the planned contents for the Egyptian starter set.

Egyptian starter set

Egyptian starter set model update & proposed Kickstarter launch date

The last of the starter set models for the 4 armies were prototyped this week and I am very excited to share the prototypes with you. Below you can see Horus (base not pictured), The Uraeus, Egyptian Archers and the Greatest of 50 prototypes.

Horus is a pretty large miniature, once he is on his base he will be nearly as tall as the imposing minotaur and troll sculpts. His ‘scale’ is 51mm, however the base significantly adds to his height. There is also a small swarm of Scarabs in the image, ill reveal more on those later.

Horus B&W


Like Horus, the Greatest of 50 and Pharaoh have already had their renders shown off, so here are the models in their parts. You will notice that the Pharaoh comes with two head options and both the Pharaoh and Greatest of 50 have weapon options.

Pharaoh B&W

Greatest of 50 B&W


The archers are your basic Egyptian infantry. They are a cheap ranged unit that you will need to keep out of close combat.

Archers B&W


Finally the Uraeus. This is the large fire breathing cobra we previewed the art work for a few months back.

Uraeus_1 B&W

The Uraeus will come with an optional fire part that can be assembled and glued into the mouth of the model. This is just an added value part that I felt help sells what the model ‘does’ in the game. I hope to cast these in a red opaque or transparent resin. Once I have this confirmed I will let you all know how the fire parts will arrive – worst case scenario they will be cast in the regular resin I use but just tinted red.

Uraeus_3 B&W

Once assembled he should look something like this:


This milestone means that the models for all 4 starter sets are prototyped. It is now a matter of moulding and casting the last of these, though I am anticipating Horus to be an interesting challenge for my casters. These Egyptian models are all going to moulding over the next 2 to 4 weeks. The resin parts might not quite make it back in time for the Kickstarter so these bad boys will probably be shown off as renders at the launch of the campaign, their images will hopefully be updated at some point during the campaign with their cast and painted incarnations. The part count may change slightly as I am thinking about reducing the part count for Horus’s weapon by welding some of the parts together before they are moulded. I am also yet to confirm what parts will be in resin and what will be in metal for Horus and the greatest of 50’s whip (that will probably be in resin).


As mentioned above, the Kickstarter is nearing; we have a tentative launch date of November 17. This will be confirmed once I know that my advertising partner is good to go for that date, and I will make a more formal announcement. If things change I’ll probably survey everyone as to when they would like to see the Kickstarter live and aim for a close date that works for everyone.

Egyptian command model preview

Damien Lam, one of our talented Australian 3D artists has been busy working away on the last of the Egyptian command models to feature in the launch range for Conquest of the Gods. The mighty Pharaoh and the greatest of 50 are the two key human command models Egyptian players may want to field as part of their army. The greatest of 50 is planned to be released at launch in the starter set and if we manage to exceed our Kickstarter funding goal, then there is a good chance that the Pharaoh will be added into the Egyptian starter set.


The Pharaoh will be released with two head options, a new kingdom style crown and a cobra style head dress. As these will be cast in metal, you may want to bend the tail of the cobra head dress to further customise your models pose.




Both models will be released with several weapon options, some (but not all) of them are shown here. In Conquest of the Gods, you can customise your command models, each army differs in how the command models are customised, for example Greek commanders can be equipped with additional orders to issue to their troops. For the Egyptians, this customisation is done through weapon options; we will include the options with the model. There are a few other interesting options for these models that i hope to show off during the Kickstarter campaign.


We are yet to show off the basic Egyptian troops and their starter set monster (though their artwork has been previewed). These are sculpted and are going through prototyping over the next two weeks, so we may opt to just show off the actual models rather than 3D renders, I will probably do the same with the Greek hoplites as I would rather show them off in formation.


This update makes the final part of sculpting for the starter set models.  I can announce that many of the expansion goal miniatures are either under way or are sculpted and just need to be prototyped and to go through moulding (hence why we need to do a Kickstarter). The book is coming along nicely and is going through some layout tweaks, we are still working on the Japanese artwork so the art preview for the Japanese section is still a little way off yet but will be live before the date of the Kickstarter is announced. I need to get some laser cutting sorted, shipping quotes done and decide on how the models will be packaged –though the kickstarter models won’t be sent out in ‘retail’ packaging, to offset the lower prices. I dont think our Kickstarter backers will be really worried about the product pakaging given that Kickstarter is not for retail.

Egyptian art preview

Today’s update continues to preview content for our upcoming Conquest of the Gods tabletop game. This update will cover the Egyptian artwork for the Conquest of the Gods core rule book as well as provide a small development update.


The Conquest of the Gods core rule book is looking fantastic, as the written content is now at the editing stage, only populating the books pages with fantastic art remains before I can have a test printing of the book done. As covered in the Greek and Norse artwork previews each army in the book has a different art style. I am happy to formally announce a up and coming Australian artist Daniel Mitchell as the artist illustrating the Egyptian pages of the book.


Daniels fantasy illustration style contrasts nicely with the other styles in the core book and his talents bring the Egyptian section of the conquest of the gods core rule book to life. As a wargamer, Daniel also brings a players perspective to the art team.



Egyptian Archers


Nubian Warrior

To see more of Daniels work, you can check out his portfolio over at:


The most common question I am now asked is when is the game going live via crowd funding? I am currently aiming for a September/October launch window pending how the last few model prototypes and final production moulds go for the content that can be found in each armies starter set. There have been a few delays in launching the game on Kickstarter purely due to my desire to have the main models for the campaign prototyped and production moulds for them done. This will prevent any nasty delays in fulfilling pledges, make the whole post Kickstarter process much smoother and helps ensure that my quality processes are in order. It also lets me weight the starter sets, plan and calculate postage properly, and lets me look at my fulfilment options and actual costs before the campaign ends.. This is pretty important as postage has been one of the down falls of similar projects. I can announce that Australian backers will receive free postage!


I hope to bring you a Japanese artwork preview sometime soon. We are just nutting out the details on the Japanese section of the book, including the art.

Conquest of the Gods Resin Miniatures + Greek preview

Those of you who follow our Facebook and Twitter may have noticed that this last week we showed a box of resin miniatures that arrived. All of our mid-sized monsters that will feature in the starter sets will be resin/metal hybrid kits. The final production resins for both the Troll and the Minotaur showed up and I have to say im very happy with the results.

I also had cast copies of one of the Greek models that show up. The Lochagos is your typical hoplite unit leader/command model. He gives you a general feel for the style of the Greek models and a feel for the human models in scale to the mid-sized monsters. The hoplites and other Greek models are in our prototyping queue so I expect to have these in hand along with most of the other metal miniatures within the month.





A couple of points on the miniatures pictured. The bases are prototypes and the rock on the trolls base is just a 3D print, the final copy of it will be in metal. This rock can be either added to the trolls base so that the model matches the artwork or alternatively, mounted on a 30mm base and used as an objective marker.

This marks an important milestone in the preparations to launch the game as I now have tested and proven production casts of the resin miniatures on hand (and a reasonable level of stock on hand in preparation for the Kickstarter). This means that after the game launches there won’t be any supply or casting issues as they have been ironed out. On the resin front I still plan to cast up the other two starter set monsters (and the base for Horus) over the next few weeks. Once all of the starter set models are on hand then ill announce the date for the Kickstarter and the count down to the Kickstarter can begin.


In showing these to my artists and others working closely on the project, a common question came up. ‘These look big, are they big or are the humans just a bit small?” …  Well here are some scale pictures to show you the scale of the models in the range. For legal reasons I have silhouetted miniatures from other companies, though to most gamers it will be obvious as to what they are.


New Image



It is also time to give you some more details on what we are doing with the bases for our miniatures range. We have endeavoured to try and do something a little different; as such the process has taken a number of twists and turns as we went about bringing you a high quality product that looks good, functions well in game plat and feels like a premium product in the hand. Looking at miniature unboxing’s and assembly videos, we noticed that bases packed with miniatures are generally always an afterthought. Making a cheap black plastic base interesting has always been a challenge for hobbyists and has spawned some great basing products, but we really wanted to give you something that would look good without the need to spend more money on additional basing supplies. So to achieve this I decided to make the bases for the Conquest of the Gods range from high quality laser cut timbers.

Using timber brings some new and interesting options. By using a grained timber hobbyists can opt to base their model on the wood itself and varnish or stain it to compliment the pallet they have chosen to paint their army. By looking at a variety of timber stains and varnishes, gamers can come up with some interesting variations to make their army look unique. Thinned downed paints and inks can also be painted over the wood grain to ‘tint’ the wood a certain colour. Gamers who have little or no time to paint miniatures may opt to base the model on the wood base and varnish the entire piece, making a nice looking piece that whilst isn’t as impressive as a completely painted miniature, it looks far better than an undercoated or plain plastic model on a plain plastic base.

By using wood, we can also laser cut the movement trays at the same time. This means that with our range of miniatures, movement trays will be included with the larger units at no extra charge. All you will need to do is glue the movement tray components to a suitable material such as plastic card, cardboard. By using timber it also allows us to have a larger range of base sizes, and whilst we have stuck with the ‘typical’ sizes for the smaller models, we have been able to introduce a few new sizes better suited to some of our larger models.

God models will also come with base toppers; these are designed to be an optional part to the base, turning their bases into a miniature plinth. This elevates the models up higher to make them stand out more on the table. The topper and base have a 2mm hole in the centre that can be aligned using a toothpick before they are glued together using your preferred glue of choice (we will be recommending PVA). For those who hate plinths (we know there are some of you out there) they may opt to not use the topper, though we feel that the design does enhance the model and helps make the important models on the table more eye catching. If the concept proves popular we will look at doing some additional topper designs for each army as optional extras to give players even more variation.

We will be experimenting with different timbers over the coming months and if the crowd funding campaign does well, we hope to offer each army different types of wood and grain to complement their range.

Before the Kickstarter launches ill be doing a preview where the timber bases are painted, stained etc.. to show of the versatility of going down this path for the bases. I’ll also show off production casts of the other two starter set monsters and starter set miniatures once they are on hand.