2021 Update

The site is still up, and yes, I am still here! So, what’s being going on and where are things heeded with Demigod games?

We were at a point where Conquest of the Gods was written and the models were sculpted (well one needs an arm exported so It can be printed) with only the points values needing ironing out from a gameplay perspective and a manufacturing run to be done on all the models, with an initial run done on some of the models by a resin caster. That caster has become difficult to contact and in the intervening years has caused a shift in manufacturing for the better. The book needs to be printed but again, some of the manufacturing has changed in that regard.

Why the delay? It’s simple – I went through a messy divorce, and then a series of serious health issues that mean I had to focus on me and my kids. As that moves to be behind me, I can divert my attention back to the game.

Where to now? The manufacturing changes that have taken place in the last few years have helped catch up with my original vision for the game. I will look to publish the book with a print on demand service or to do a very small print run with a quality print service – as many are now taking on smaller print jobs. For the miniatures, additive manufacturing has had a massive shift in cost and quality that may remove the need for resin and metal casters entirely. The original models were all prototyped on a $30,000 3d printer but now could be done inhouse on a machine costing a fraction of that, in fact I could now 3d print them inhouse and sell the prints as product – that’s how far it has shifted in a few years. Going down this path means digitising some of the hand sculpted models so I will look into that in the coming months and I also want to re-sculpt one of the core models that I’m not happy with.

Most or all of the miniatures will be available later this year in some form and with some luck, so will the book.

End of year update

As the silly season winds down and news years approaches i felt that an end of year update was in order. 2014 has been a big year for Demigod Games, Conquest of the Gods has gone from early stage with only a few miniatures to being almost ready for release.

The book is going through editing and in the new year the last few art assets will be worked on. I am expecting the book to be ready for publication some time mid next year, pending the results of some more play testing. I have printing quotes for the full book to be printed in its hard cover leather bound version that i had always planned to do, although a lower cost e-book release is also on the cards. I hope to have the book available in either electronic or physical form for mid to late 2015. Some time around March or April 2015 i also plan to do run a final round of beta testing, although i am yet to decide of this will be a closed or public beta. I have also started drafting expansion content that i hope to fund with the initial release.

Here is some recently completed artwork






I receive allot of emails about my miniatures, so it is only appropriate to give an update on the miniatures, where they are at and what the plans are. One caveat , if your one of the people sending me weird emails demanding i sell you a miniature early so that you can put it into your warhammer army for some event your going to, i have stopped responding to those kinds of emails as selling my miniatures for use in other games is not one of my priorities, and some of the self entitled emails ive received in this regard has only galvanised my stance on this. For everyone else, i hope you like what’s on the way 🙂

First up some models that are going to prototyping in early 2015. Each army has a cavalry sized creature, for the Norse its a scion wolf, the Greeks have the mighty Orthrus and the Japanese have access to the fearsome Komainu. The Egyptians will have a female sphinx that is finished but has not been exported in scale so she has not been pictured with the others (ill do a seperate blog post on her once she is done). Each comes with some customisation options such as poseable tails and at least two variant heads.




Scion wolves



Orthrus parts


Some casts have also come back, so here is a look at the Japanese Daimyo and Shogun miniatures next to a Norse Jarl. These are just quick pictures, ill be doing higher res ones later on for the miniature gallery once they are painted (the Jarl is only my play test model, not the studio one)

New Image2

New Image


My plans for 2014 was to have all of the starter sets sculpted and ready for release, that milestone was surpassed some time ago and all of the starter set models have been sent to moulding. In fact of the 46 unit entries in the core rule book, only two are yet to be contracted out to artists to work on. There are several units that are close to completion and quite a few sitting in my prototyping que, what does this all mean? it means that the sculpting work for the core rule book release is almost finished. 2015 will see the gradual release of the whole release range, that contains over 100 miniatures over the 46 unit entries, and will be made available once each models rules are finalised and i have the packaging here to pack them. I play to release an online store along with some initial releases by mid 2015.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look! I am excited to see what 2015 brings, as it should see the book being out there for the masses as well as the miniatures range, work on expansion content that im very excited about AND i have a few surprises up my sleeve.

The Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter is live!

The Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter is now live!


Its been a hectic weekend to get things ready in time and i have to thank my talented artists for sending me last minute images and for my close friend Tim Hanlon for helping me (well he did most of the work) with getting the video ready in time.


If you are unable to show your support by pledging then please spread the word and help make Conquest of the Gods a reality!

Pre-launch update

It has been a busy few weeks in the lead up to the Kickstarter launch. Not everything has gone as smoothly as planned, but we are ready for the launch! The video content is about to be uploaded to Kickstarter and some time tomorrow, it will go live.

Mat, our painter injured his arm in the lead up, so the Norse starter set is not yet fully painted, in fact – Thor is the only one that is done (Sans cape), but we will be updating the starter set image as the campaign progresses. I have also updated the model gallery to reflect where things are up to production wise with the other models. So here is the work in progress of the production models for the Norse, its not an ideal image to be showing off, but it will be updated over the course of the campaign as Matts arm heals and he is able to pick the brush back up. As this is not an established company with full time staff, these kinds of gremlins do crop up, but at least all of the models for the starter sets have had their moulding and we are ready to get this start up off the ground!



a work in progress of Thors paint

Thor paint WIP 02 blur


And here are the production parts for the Troll




I will look forward to bringing you all some updated pictures of the painted models as the campaign progresses. I am also looking forward to providing some images of more production models as they arrive back here over the next few weeks.


Thanks again for your support. I will do another update tomorrow once we are live 🙂

Japanese art preview

Welcome to another pre-launch update for Conquest of the Gods.

After some model previews its time for a final peek at the artwork. Today’s update features some artwork by Anikó Hollósi  and George Evangelista as well as another piece from Daniel Mitchell. Like the other art styles, the Japanese art helps them stand out in the book with their own identity. For the Japanese we have gone with a black and white art style that incorporates a splash of red. The original inspiration for this was from a Japanese tattoo of an Oni I found early on in doing research for the Oni – the tattoo was in black and white with the only colour being the demons red eyes… as you will see below, we have taken the same approach with our Oni’s artwork. Anikó it working on the bulk of the Japanese pieces, with George doing one or two of the monsters.

Shogun, Samurai and Hachiman by Anikó



2page preview
Oni by George

preview Oni

Each unit in the book will receive the full page artwork treatment, and our creative team are busy working away on the rest of the images.

As an added treat, here is a recently finished Egyptian piece by Daniel Mitchell – behold Horus.


As a side, I will also be posting pictures of all of the prototypes/3D prints and where suitable, production casts of the starter set models to compliment the renders that are being shown off. It helps backers be aware that the models do actually exist in the real world.

Conquest of the Gods Japaense starter set preview

In the lead up to the Kickstarter i have had a few requests for more images of the various starter sets, last time out i showed you the Egyptian one, this time is the mighty Japanese armies turn. So here it is, behold the (planned) Conquest of the Gods starter set for the Japanese army. I am currently planning for this set to include 10 samurai (metal), 1 Daimyo (metal), 1 Hachiman, Japanese god of war (metal and resin) and one Oni (mostly resin with a few metal parts). As with all of the models in the range, the plan is to include timber bases. I also plan to include all of the model cards as well as a free mini rule book that covers the games core rules with each set.




I thought i would also share some added details on the samurai minatures as well. With these the heads, arms and bodies are interchange, with 6 head options, 5 different bodies and 5 different arm styles, you can mix and match them to come up with a few variations. If things go well with the Kickstarter, i hope to also release more head variants. The 5 poses we have taken from actual kata of ‘form’ stances – so any of you who have studied Japanese martial arts (notably Akido or Ninjutsu) would be familiar with the poses. Again, with these i would love to do more of the popper fighting stances. Below are some of the head variants on offer, with these we have taken some references from several museum pieces – some of the details have had to be exaggerated for scales sake but i think they are fairly honest representations.


All of these models are now at moulding, so i will do an update and show off the production casts as soon as the arrive at my desk. Im glad to report that using my 3D process there has been no loss from render to 3D print, and im yet to see any loss from 3D print to production cast! so what you see is what you should receive.


Stay tuned, next up will be a render of the Greek starter set. Then following that we may even have some painted Norse and some Japanese art work to show off.

Until then, happy gaming!

Announcing Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter launch date – 24 November 2014

I am pleased to announce that the launch date for the Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter will be November 24. I am just ironing out the final details for a few things before the launch date!

What can you expect to see from the Kickstarter?

We will be launching it with army starter sets for each of the 4 factions. These are a great way to introduce people into the miniatures range and the game. I also think they are comparatively good value when compared with other similar starter sets from the main industry players. Expansion goals will open up additional units and models to add to your pledge. There will be a few free add-ons in the expansion goals but they will largely focus on opening up the models and units that need more funding to get into production.


What will each starter set contain?

Each starter set will contain 1 god, 1 basic commander, 1 monster (70mm) and a unit of 10 troops, though the number of troops in the Egyptian set is still being worked out due to the increased costs of having Horus in their set (it may mean getting 5 troops and a scarab swarm instead). With the exception of Horus and the monsters, the other models are all 31mm scale. Each miniature will come with a high quality timber base.


Where are we up to production wise?

The Norse set is being painted by Matt at the moment; the Greek starter set has been moulded and will go to painting before the campaign, I am waiting on a shipment back for a few of the resin parts (notably the blood for Ares spear). The Japanese and Egyptian starter sets are going through moulding over the next few weeks. Some of the resin parts  probably won’t be ready in time but I can think I can work around this by showing off the master models.

The book is going through editing, and the artwork for all of the starter set units will be completed before the campaign! So we are on track with the book (assuming we generate get enough funding to print it!) the Mini (rules only) version of the book just needs a few art assets and it’s also ready to print off.



As always I will leave you with some eye candy, here is a first rendering of the planned contents for the Egyptian starter set.

Egyptian starter set

Sneak Peek – Norse Berserkers

One of the elite unit choices for the Norse army in Conquest of the Gods are Norse Berserkers. Elijah Akouri has finished sculpting this fantastic unit and whilst we were planning to keep these hidden away with the other elite units for the Kickstarter, we couldn’t resist and have decided to give you a sneak peek of whats on the way.


Below are two of the five poses for the units miniatures. These models have some combustibility, such as removable capes and should look fantastic when painted up as a unit.




These models are currently in our production Que for 3D printing and the production models along with the other three poses will be part of our upcoming kickstarter campaign.

The other elite units for the other armies are also either finished or are in the process of being completed.  We may tease some of the other elite units closer to the launch of the campaign, so stay tuned!



We now have some higher resolution renderes of these models for you:



Hachiman – Japanese Shinto God of War

Hachiman is the Japanese Shinto god of war, tutelary god of warriors, and divine protector of Japan. One human, before he ascended into the respected ranks of the Shinto gods he was Ōjin, the 15th emperor of Japan. As a Shinto god (kami), Hachiman is immensely popular throughout Japan, about half of the registered Shintō shrines are thought to be dedicated to him. Two popular modern tourist attractions of such shrines incluse the Usa Shrine (Usa, Ōita) and the Iwashimizu Shrine (Yawata, Kyoto).

Sculpted by Australian artist David Sparrow, Hachiman is an exaggerated 28mm (31mm) scale, metal, multi-part miniature. Like the Thor- the Norse god miniature, Hachiman is based on a 40mm base, inclusive of scenic elements, in this case some unfortunate foes from the Greek and Norse range. The 3D model is currently in our priority prototyping que and will have had its production moulding completed before we launch our upcoming crowd funding campaign.






Bringing Hachiman to the tabletop brought with it several complex design challenges. Due to his popularity in Japan, it was important that the final model was both epic in its look and design but also respectful to the Japanese history and mythology around such an important Shinto kami. In our research there are two ways of portraying Hachiman as a Kami, the first is a more demonic look that we see fairly common in Japanese mythology, the other portrays him as a powerful samurai. As he is the tutelary god of warriors and an ancestor of the Minamoto samurai clan we opted for the samurai look. This look fit in better the range of miniatures whilst still yielding a pretty awesome miniature. This style is also a cleaner fit for the scenes he appears in in the games fiction. It was important to include key visual cues that link the miniature with the modern portrayals of Hachiman so we were sure to include the crest of Hachiman is in the design (a mitsudomoe) and took some design cues for his Armour from several of the Shinto shrine statutes of Hachiman.

Hachiman will feature in the Japanese starter set alongside the Oni and several other key Japanese miniatures. hachiman is the 3rd God miniature to be previewed for Conquest fo the Gods, following the Norse god Thor and Egyptian god Horus. The final god miniature for preview is Ares the greek God of War, we hope to be showing Ares off in the coming weeks.

Greek artwork preview

We are pleased to preview some more artwork, this time by talented Australian artist George Evangelista who is doing the art for the Greek section of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book.

George has joined our talented team with valuable experience from television, film and book publishing industries. His passion for mythology has come through in his work, with his realistic style taking our miniature design philosophy to the next level. As you can see when compared to the Norse artwork, the Greek artwork has a different style and look, this is intentional as each section of the book will have its own unique feel and flavour.

To sample some of geoprges work that will feature in the Gree section of the Conquest of the Gods core rule book we present:

The Greek Minotaur (miniature already previewed)

Minotaur-Final_Brightness Adjust with Logos

And the Greek Strategos.



This should give you all a taste of what the Greek artwork will look like, this is also the first taste of what the Greek infantry models look like. All of the greek infantry miniatures have been sculpted (including the strategos) and will be previewed soon.

We should have some more model and art previews on the way some time in the next few weeks. Previews have been a bit slower than we would like as our focus has shifted heavily on production moulding and prototyping for all of the models in the core starter sets (one for each army). We plan to have all of the core starter sets finished and production moulding for them completed before we ask people for money on Kickstarter.

In the meantime, please spread the word about the project! We are on most social media platforms (all linked from the top of our webpage). If you would like to see more examples of Georges work he is on social media https://www.facebook.com/gze.art, George’s website can be seen at: http://www.artofgeorge.com