Egyptian fiction preview.

Having posted a preview of the Norse fiction by Raymond Gates, it seems only fair that we move forwards with another preview. As we start to work on book layout, editing the main body of fiction and making a few final adjustments to the core rules mechanics we have started to tie up some of the Egyptian content. With that in mind it is time to blow some of the sand out of the way and give you a small exert from the Egyptian short story penned by Nerine Dorman titled The Sands of Nubia. The Sands of Nubia will feature as  introductory short fiction for the Egyptian section of the core rule book.


Nerines work is a fantastic and as you will read below, features some great characters. Her passion for Egyptology and unique writing style gives the Egyptian section of the Conquest of the Gods: Core Rule Book its own unique feel.


You can follow Nerines other projects over at




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