Egyptian art preview

Today’s update continues to preview content for our upcoming Conquest of the Gods tabletop game. This update will cover the Egyptian artwork for the Conquest of the Gods core rule book as well as provide a small development update.


The Conquest of the Gods core rule book is looking fantastic, as the written content is now at the editing stage, only populating the books pages with fantastic art remains before I can have a test printing of the book done. As covered in the Greek and Norse artwork previews each army in the book has a different art style. I am happy to formally announce a up and coming Australian artist Daniel Mitchell as the artist illustrating the Egyptian pages of the book.


Daniels fantasy illustration style contrasts nicely with the other styles in the core book and his talents bring the Egyptian section of the conquest of the gods core rule book to life. As a wargamer, Daniel also brings a players perspective to the art team.



Egyptian Archers


Nubian Warrior

To see more of Daniels work, you can check out his portfolio over at:


The most common question I am now asked is when is the game going live via crowd funding? I am currently aiming for a September/October launch window pending how the last few model prototypes and final production moulds go for the content that can be found in each armies starter set. There have been a few delays in launching the game on Kickstarter purely due to my desire to have the main models for the campaign prototyped and production moulds for them done. This will prevent any nasty delays in fulfilling pledges, make the whole post Kickstarter process much smoother and helps ensure that my quality processes are in order. It also lets me weight the starter sets, plan and calculate postage properly, and lets me look at my fulfilment options and actual costs before the campaign ends.. This is pretty important as postage has been one of the down falls of similar projects. I can announce that Australian backers will receive free postage!


I hope to bring you a Japanese artwork preview sometime soon. We are just nutting out the details on the Japanese section of the book, including the art.

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