End of year update

As the silly season winds down and news years approaches i felt that an end of year update was in order. 2014 has been a big year for Demigod Games, Conquest of the Gods has gone from early stage with only a few miniatures to being almost ready for release.

The book is going through editing and in the new year the last few art assets will be worked on. I am expecting the book to be ready for publication some time mid next year, pending the results of some more play testing. I have printing quotes for the full book to be printed in its hard cover leather bound version that i had always planned to do, although a lower cost e-book release is also on the cards. I hope to have the book available in either electronic or physical form for mid to late 2015. Some time around March or April 2015 i also plan to do run a final round of beta testing, although i am yet to decide of this will be a closed or public beta. I have also started drafting expansion content that i hope to fund with the initial release.

Here is some recently completed artwork






I receive allot of emails about my miniatures, so it is only appropriate to give an update on the miniatures, where they are at and what the plans are. One caveat , if your one of the people sending me weird emails demanding i sell you a miniature early so that you can put it into your warhammer army for some event your going to, i have stopped responding to those kinds of emails as selling my miniatures for use in other games is not one of my priorities, and some of the self entitled emails ive received in this regard has only galvanised my stance on this. For everyone else, i hope you like what’s on the way 🙂

First up some models that are going to prototyping in early 2015. Each army has a cavalry sized creature, for the Norse its a scion wolf, the Greeks have the mighty Orthrus and the Japanese have access to the fearsome Komainu. The Egyptians will have a female sphinx that is finished but has not been exported in scale so she has not been pictured with the others (ill do a seperate blog post on her once she is done). Each comes with some customisation options such as poseable tails and at least two variant heads.




Scion wolves



Orthrus parts


Some casts have also come back, so here is a look at the Japanese Daimyo and Shogun miniatures next to a Norse Jarl. These are just quick pictures, ill be doing higher res ones later on for the miniature gallery once they are painted (the Jarl is only my play test model, not the studio one)

New Image2

New Image


My plans for 2014 was to have all of the starter sets sculpted and ready for release, that milestone was surpassed some time ago and all of the starter set models have been sent to moulding. In fact of the 46 unit entries in the core rule book, only two are yet to be contracted out to artists to work on. There are several units that are close to completion and quite a few sitting in my prototyping que, what does this all mean? it means that the sculpting work for the core rule book release is almost finished. 2015 will see the gradual release of the whole release range, that contains over 100 miniatures over the 46 unit entries, and will be made available once each models rules are finalised and i have the packaging here to pack them. I play to release an online store along with some initial releases by mid 2015.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look! I am excited to see what 2015 brings, as it should see the book being out there for the masses as well as the miniatures range, work on expansion content that im very excited about AND i have a few surprises up my sleeve.

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