October Update

It is spring here in Australia, and the change in season has brought more than just warmer weather and blooming flowers.

My first piece of exciting news is that Conquest of the Gods is now a registered trademark! This is an important step in developing any game and gives the brand that extra layer of confidence moving forwards. This is an important milestone, as it helps both in the short term with publishing the rulebook and provides a strong foundation for releasing the future content I’ve got in the works.


The final few sculpts are now progressing at a steady pace. I have a couple of work in progress pictures to share; more details on what these are and how they work in the game will be forthcoming once they are finished. I will be interested to see if anyone can guess what the second render is going to be once finished.



The artwork is also running to schedule, with production on track for completion this year. Here is a sample of one of the new pieces that George completed this week. It depicts a scene from the fiction: an encounter with Charon on the banks of the river Styx.


One of the unfortunate things about creating a labour of love like this is that while there’s always other artists and modellers to help pick up the slack if one of them stumbles along the way, there isn’t anyone who can do the same for me. So when life gets in the way, the best I can do is reshuffle the to-do list and press on. To ensure I’m making the best possible product, I’m having to push the release schedule back in order to allow myself the time to properly review and finalise things in the production pipeline. While that’s getting resolved, it’s likely the online store won’t be able to go live until December or early 2016.

The silver lining here is that it’s given the artists and modellers a little more breathing space to further refine their work, as well as giving me more time to fine-tune the gods and work some kinks out of the logistics side of the equation. The plan is to have the starter sets for each of the 4 factions up for sale as soon as practicable. The miniatures are all sculpted, so now it’s just finalising card printing and figuring out the quickest way to get these starter sets into your hands (I’ve been stockpiling bubble-wrap and packing peanuts like canned beans in a bomb shelter).

I look forward to providing an update in the not too distant future on the books final stages and some news updates on the production end of things.

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