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Today we preview the 70mm scale mythical model that will be included with the Japanese starter set, the Oni. Sculpted by Oliver Cook this 70mm scale metal and resin kit is our rendition of the renowned Japanese Yōkai.

Oliver Cook is a Sydney based 3D character/creature artist  who has worked across TV, Film and Games. Olivers credits include being a character artist for the popular computer game LA Noire and having created CG creatures for the various BBC ” Walking with Productions such as ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. Oliver is currently a 3D art teacher at the AIE in Sydney teaching 3D Art & Animation. Olivers journey into character and creature design started after having seen Jason and the Argonauts when he was younger, a life changing experience we are grateful for! Since then he has been passionate about mythology and creature design – making him an ideal fit for our design team.

In approaching the design of the Oni we first looked at a lot of historical references that were generally more comical and unrealistic in design, knowing that this would not fit into our design aesthetic we then incorporated Oni designs from a  alot of other Japanese cultural references including traditional and modern tattoo art. Merging both the historical, traditional and contemporary reference along with some artistic license brought us to our final design that Oliver managed to pry from the pages of history and drag it into the real world. The end result is what we think an Oni would look like if it were real. Olivers next challange is to take on one of the centerpiece models for our Greek range, so watch this space!

The final model has an optional dignity loin cloth (pictured) to cover his demonhood, this was made to look as if it was pinned to his skin. We are looking forwards to seeing  how hobbyists approach painting this model and  we are confident that it will look awesome marching alongside your Japanese army on the table. Please note that the base this model is on is not the final base and that the assets for the final base have changed between these renders and the final print model that is now complete and sitting with our 3D printer for printing!


full_shot lantern_01 lantern_03

New Image



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