We now have a Demigod Games Forum

With great thanks to Ian at the Australian Tabletop Gaming Manufactures Association (ATGMA) we now have a public forum to discuss all things Demigod Games. As more detail about the game and the product range becomes publicly known, we hope that the forums will be a great place to ask and answer questions about our little project. The link to the forums can be found on the Demigod Games home page.


While your over at the ATGMA forums, be sure to check out some of the other manufactures areas, there’s some interesting stuff going on here in Australia and I am sure that there will be more manufactures joining the site in due course.


stay tuned as we creep ever closer to some product spoilers! Three models are off to final production molding this week. Once our casting partner has some casts done and ready to show off they will make an appearance here, hopefully with details on how to order 1st cast run copies of them before we attempt our crowd funding campaign.

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